Is This GarageBand's BEST Sound Pack?

Is This GarageBand’s BEST Sound Pack?

Since its release, GarageBand's latest Sound Pack; 8-bit legends has quickly cemented itself as one of my personal all time favourites. In the video below ...
AudioKit King of FM

AudioKit King of FM Review

King of FM is the brand new synth app from Matthew Fecher and Audiokit. The long awaited follow up to Audiokit’s FM Player, King of FM packs in all of the ...
iPad stand and dock

Quiizlab 7 in 1 Stand & Dock Review

I love my M1 iPad Pro. It’s a music production powerhouse, with no current iOS music making App able to come close to making it even break a sweat. The...

Free Guitar Amp Made for EVERYONE

Guitarists, this one's for you. Michael Mon AKA GAS Therapy just released a free guitar cabinet IR loader plugin called AnyAmpIR for Windows and macOS (also av...
Arturia Minifuse 2

Arturia Minifuse 2 Review

If you search YouTube for the best budget audio interface, theres one model that you won’t see pop up At all really. Which is really strange to me. Because ...
Weird Free Plugins

These Weird Free Plugins are Crazy..

These weird free plugins are BIZARRE. But you know what, sometimes weird is good. Weird can make your music unique and memorable, so in this video I’ve rou...
Master Your Music

The Easy Way to Master Your Music

You’ve written, recorded and mixed your track and the last thing left to do before releasing it to get it mastered. How does that work?  In the video be...
The BEST Audio Interfaces for Beginners in 2023

The BEST Audio Interfaces for GarageBand

Do you want to buy an audio interface but are feeling a little overwhelmed at the huge number of different models, features, and prices? In this feature i’...
the best garageband sound packs

The Best GarageBand Sound Packs EVER?

What is the best GarageBand Sound Pack? If you find yourself looking for even more sounds, or are on the lookout for something in a specific genre, you can...
Volt 1

Universal Audio Volt 1 Review

Universal Audio are probably best known for their range of premium priced, professional grade audio interfaces like the Apollo series. Last year they dived ...
Audiokit saga synth

Audiokit Saga Synth Review

Audiokit developer Matthew Fecher had a dream. An iOS Synth that captures the nostalgic feel of the golden age of video games. Thanks to a second collaborat...
Mac Mini Hub

Satechi Type-C M1 Mac Mini Hub Review

Satechi Type-C M1 Mac Mini Hub Review I LOVE my M1 Mac Mini. It was released at the tail end of 2020 and was one of the first Macs to feature Apple’s own i...
Audiomodern Loopmix

Audiomodern Loopmix Review

Audiomodern Loopmix Review Audiomodern are renowned for creating some of the most interesting and exciting effect plugins on the market. What's more, their can...
GarageBand Update 10.4.7

GarageBand Update 10.4.7

GarageBand Update 10.4.7   Apple just updated GarageBand on Mac to version 10.4.7! Bug and stability fixes abound, plus the addition of TWO bran...
Overdrive synth

Overdrive Synth Review

Overdrive Synth Review What does a synthesizer sound like through an overdrive pedal?  That’s the question iOS Developer Nick Culbertson AKA Moby Pixel aims...
best free plugins

Over 100 of the Best FREE Plugins

Over 100 of the Best FREE Plugins That's right! By the end of this article i’ll have showed you where to get your hands on 147 completely free plugins t...

3 MUST HAVE iPad Music Production Apps

3 MUST HAVE iPad Music Production Apps In this video I share one superb synth app and two fantastic effect apps that anyone making music on iPad should downloa...
GarageBand on Windows

Can you run GarageBand on a Windows PC?

Can you run GarageBand on a Windows PC? There is one question that I get all the time that I want to definitively answer right now. Can you use GarageBand o...
A.I. Music Mastering

Is A.I. Music Mastering Good Now?

Is A.I. Music Mastering Good Now? A.I. music mastering has been around for years now, and it provides a great middle ground for artists who don’t want to manua...

Making Sense of GarageBand

Making Sense of GarageBand GarageBand for Mac has been around for 18 years now. In that time it’s gone through some pretty major changes. You'd think af...


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