What Are Affiliate Links?


You’ve arrived on this page because you want to know what the deal is with these ‘affiliate link’ things i’ve pointed out, right?

You know me, I like to be as upfront and transparent with you as I can.

I  sometimes use Amazon affiliate links when I talk about products or books that are available there. By doing this, I get a small kickback from every purchase you make through clicking that link (and I do mean a small kickback – it’s not funding any round the world holidays or even paying my rent, but every little bit helps, right)?


The long and short of it is this: you should know that if you click on one of my affiliate links and find yourself on Amazon, that I will make a small amount of money, as long as you make a purchase within 24 hours.

I should point out that you never pay more when you shop like this.

You don’t even have to buy what I was talking about either. If you do not want to buy something and have me make a few bucks from it, then clear your cookies before you click send on your purchase.

I am going on and on about it because a lot of people don’t know about this. Most sites that link back to online stores are using affiliate links. What happens is a small cookie latches onto your browser and tracks your shopping on that site. If you purchase anything, the site you clicked on over from within the last 24 hours gets a cut.

As I said, I want to be upfront and transparent with you.

There is no and never will be any ‘hard sell’ on The Garageband Guide.


I will never recommend or link to anything using an affiliate link that:


  • I haven’t at least tried myself.


  • Is spammy, broken or crap.


  • Is overpriced


  • You won’t get some use out of


All I ask is if you feel like you’ve gotten value or learned something from The Garageband Guide and were planning to purchase whatever it is I’m linking to, consider buying through my affiliate link.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this – you really are fantastic, you know that?