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Do You Want Your GarageBand Projects To Sound Better, But Don't Know Where To Start?  

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From: Patrick 

RE: Your GarageBand Projects


One of the biggest frustrations that i hear from GarageBand for Mac users all the time is: "Patrick, where do I start and what should I be doing EXACTLY to take my projects to the next level?"  

I totally get it - i've been there.  

Tell me if this sounds familiar:  

You've recorded all your seperate instrument tracks and used GarageBand on Mac's built in Drummer feature to create a beat, or maybe put one together yourself.  

What now?  

How do you use GarageBand to turn your freshly recorded project into a professional sounding piece of music?  

You want your project to sound fantastic, so you spend countless hours trawling through technical jargon, unhelpful online tutorials and uninspiring YouTube videos trying in vain to find something - anything - that will help to improve your mixes.  

Even if you do find something useful, chances are it's not demonstrated in GarageBand, which leads to more time 'translating' it for use in your project.  

It sucks.  

Having been through all that (and more) in the last few years, i'm delighted to present my newly updated antidotes to all that guesswork, searching and bad advice...

The GarageBand Production Bundle

Get this if you're serious about making music in GarageBand for macOS.

This is everything I wish I knew when I started using GarageBand.

Over the course of 3 downloadable ebooks I share with you everything you need to record, mix and master your GarageBand projects to a professional level. 

Guide #1 The Ultimate Guide To Mixing In GarageBand

At over 160 pages and made up of tutorials and step by step how tos inspired by requests from the over 70,000 subscriber strong GarageBand Guide Community, The Ultimate Guide To Mixing In GarageBand is also incredibly easy to follow and understand.  

I hate complicated techno jargon and confusing, hard to follow examples.  

You won't find any of that stuff here.  

Every single step, example and description in the guide is in plain English - no prior music theory knowledge necessary. It really is perfect for beginners and intermediate GarageBand users alike!  

Here's Exactly What You'll Get inside 'The Ultimate Guide To Mixing in GarageBand'  

  • Tools Of The Trade: You'll learn how to use GarageBand's built in suite of effects to bring out the best in your recordings
  • Cleaning Up And Editing: You'll learn how to tighten up your timing and fix major problems using GarageBand's advanced editing features
  • Dynamics and EQ 101: What is compression? How should I use it? How do I EQ my tracks? What's the difference between Reverb and Echo? These questions and more, answered.
  • Instrument Specific Mix Recipes: You'll find four seperate instrument guides (Guitar, Bass, Vocals and Drums), each containing specific Compression, EQ, Reverb and Panning guides as well as a 'next level' section for each, where I share advanced techniques that I use in my own GarageBand mixes.
  • Finalizing Your Mix: You'll learn how to tell if your mix is finished and how to make sure your recordings sound fantastic - wherever you play them - expensive studio monitor speakers NOT required! 

Guide #2 GarageBand Recording Cheat Sheet

Designed to get you set up and recording your latest projects ASAP

In the GarageBand Recording Cheat Sheet I share 6 essential steps to follow that will make sure you get it right at the source every time!

From choosing the right project type to setting your levels correctly, you'll find everything you need to create killer recordings in GarageBand. 

Guide #3 How To Master in GarageBand

Are you sick of your GarageBand songs not being loud enough when exported?

Here's the fix.

GarageBand contains all the tools you need to master your projects. Inside 'Mastering in GarageBand' I show you; 

  • How to properly prepare your project for the mastering process.
  • Which of GarageBand's built in plug ins you'll need to create your masters and how to use them.
  • How to ensure your masters are at broadcast volume.
  • Much more!

Don't take my word for it...

"Thank you so much for the work you do, it's invaluable to me as a beginner"

- Jonas (Alberta, Canada)

"Everything in your book is explained clearly in language even I can understand and my music is sounding great because of it. Thanks!"

- Liz (Maidenhead, UK)

"Patrick I just wanted to say thanks for getting my GarageBand adventure back on track. Your detailed instrument guides are superb and have no doubt saved me tons of time trying to find, learn and use this stuff on my own."

- Darren (New York, USA)

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The Ultimate Guide To Mixing In GarageBand 

The GarageBand Recording Cheat Sheet 

How to Master In GarageBand 

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The Ultimate Guide To Mixing In GarageBand

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