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I am lucky enough to have a highly engaged and loyal audience. They often comment, love to tickle the ‘like’ button and are not shy about clicking links in the descriptions of my videos.

They love GarageBand and home recording just as much as I do, and they tend to trust the advice I provide on Apps, Plugins and gear.

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My audience demographics:

  • Age: 18-54 years old
  • Gender: 86% male
  • Location: 37% USA, 10% UK, with Australia, Canada, and Germany taking up the rest

They’re REALLY into creating music, podcasts and video and they use things like audio interfaces, plugins, Apps, headphones, instruments and all of the paraphernalia and accessorising that goes with them.

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I started my website and Youtube channel to help normal people create professional sounding recordings at home with Apple’s entry level DAW and in doing so, I’ve found a highly engaged and active niche.

When it comes to sponsorships; I’ll only work with partners I like and who ‘get’ what I’m doing with this website and Youtube channel. If that’s you, get in touch – I’d love to work with you.

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    Years ago, I was introduced to GarageBand by my then girlfriend (now fiancé Wife!) and haven’t looked back since. I fell in love with the design, the flexibility, but most of all how easy it was to take all the crazy musical ideas and notions floating around in my brain and make some kind of sense out of them, with GarageBand.

    So I got stuck in and over time learned enough to record and  produce  professional sounding Audio….I only wish I could’ve learned how to use it faster, which is where The GarageBand Guide comes in.

    My aim is to help my audience hit the ground running with GarageBand, and avoid the trial and error I had to go through.

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    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Product Sponsorship – FREEAudiokit House mark 1

    There’s no risk or investment involved on your end here – simply send me your product, iOS app or AU Plugin and if it’s a good fit for my audience, I’ll feature it on the channel and website.

    PLEASE bear in mind that I’ll review it honestly (and I do mean honestly!).

    Price: FREE

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    Paid Sponsorship

    My audience trusts me. Your brand’s logo, your branding and call-to-action will be featured at the start of my video, along with a short pitch if required. I’ll also highlight your links in the video description and throughout my promotion of the video on social media and The GarageBand Guide website.

    Price: CONTACT ME

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