Apple just added two new remix sessions to GarageBand for iOS’ Sound Library.

iPad and iPhone users can now remix Live Loops versions of “Harley’s in Hawaii” by Katy Perry and “Darl+ing” by K-pop boy band SEVENTEEN.

Are these new GarageBand Remix sounds must have additions to GarageBand‘s sonic toolbox, or just more unnecessary fluff?

From Apple’s press release for these New GarageBand Remix Sounds:

“The Katy Perry and SEVENTEEN Remix Sessions are available as a free download in the GarageBand Sound Library, which also includes a wide variety of free loops, sounds, and instruments that provide all the building blocks needed to mix and match and take the original songs in an all-new direction.

Using GarageBand’s popular Live Loops interface to remix, anyone can quickly rearrange and add new elements to the songs, while keeping everything in sync with tempo and key — no music theory expertise required. Remix FX allows even greater variety with filters, repeaters, and more to create the ultimate drop. Whether it’s a complete flip from house to hip-hop, or a mashup of multiple genres, GarageBand users can let their creativity run wild.” 

new GarageBand sounds

How much you get out of these Remix Session is going to depend on how much you actually enjoy the artists and songs available and wether you like just fiddling around with pre-existing tracks. 

As a tool for learning how to use GarageBand, especially the ins and outs of the Live Loops Grid these are excellent and a great way to get to grips with the app if you’re a newcomer.

For everyone else, there’s not a lot here to get too excited about. 

Let me know your thoughts on these two new GarageBand remix sessions down below!