Since its release, GarageBand’s latest Sound Pack; 8-bit legends has quickly cemented itself as one of my personal all time favourites.

In the video below I dive into what’s included in this pack, how it sounds and if it’s worth your time…

What’s in the 8-bit Legends Sound Pack?

In the 8-bit Legends Chiptune pack you will find:

  • More than 60 Alchemy Synth Sounds
  • 7 Drum Kits
  • over 250 Apple Loops
  • 1 Live Loop grid. 

The theme of this pack is classic 80’s coin operated video game and the lo-fi nostalgic sounds of that era.

That description will either REALLY appeal to you or turn you off completely, but the sounds included in this pack are actually really useful in a variet of different Genres. 

As ever the best way to get a feel for what’s on offer is by having a swatch at the included live loops grid called “8-bit legends.”

8-bit Legends comes with 8 drum kits that you can either play manually, or you can load up the kits in the beat sequencer.

Each kit you load will also load a pattern to go along with it. Some of these are maybe a bit too busy honestly, but you can pair these kits with more low key patterns if you prefer a less chaotic sound.

8-bit legends comes with over 60 Alchemy patches too. These range from some 80’s video game inspired bleeps and bloops, to some really usable lead and pad sounds that work great in loads of different genres.

You’re also getting 250 Apple loops with this pack, which again range from some gnarly, situationally useful retro clips, to some really lovely lead loops and some really nice drum loops that are just begging to be chopped up and re-purposed.

This is a meaty pack with a lot of content and it’s really easy to put together some great sounding retrowave tracks.

Is This GarageBand’s Best Sound Pack?

For me this is one of GarageBand’s BEST sound packs.

It’s got a unique identity and theme, but the sounds on offer here are usable in lots of different genres. You’re not just tied to creating weird and wonderful chip-tune ditties.

The drum sounds are incredible and the Alchemy patches are very versatile too. In a sea of Hip Hop inspired packs, this one really stands out as something different and a wee bit special. I would highly recommend downloading it and diving in yourself.

Let me know your thoughts on GarageBand’s latest and maybe greatest Sound Pack in the comments.