GarageBand Update 10.4.7


Apple just updated GarageBand on Mac to version 10.4.7!
Bug and stability fixes abound, plus the addition of TWO brand new Sound Packs that were previously iOS only…

What’s new in GarageBand 10.4.7?


  • VoiceOver now correctly announces the state of the mono/stereo selector in the Smart Controls inspector.
  • The second, spurious button for Keyboard Sensitivity in Smart Controls is no longer present when using VoiceOver.


  • GarageBand no longer remains stuck on the Guitar Lesson page if that page is open and a connected Apogee Hype MiC is unplugged.


  • Intel Audio Unit plug-ins now load and function as expected.


  • Audio from Voice Memos can now be dragged directly onto a track in GarageBand.


  • Performing Bounce and Replace All Tracks with the Include Automation option deselected no longer mutes track-based automation on the destination tracks.


  • Recording MIDI over an existing region in Replace mode no longer removes audio from other tracks at the same position in the time line.
  • The tone slider for the Metronome now has more consistent control for newly created projects.
  • The recording setting for overlapping regions no longer resets to Merge when GarageBand is restarted.
  • The volume slider now remains visible and functional for all track header widths.
  • When recording MIDI over an existing MIDI region in Replace mode, the exsiting MIDI recording is no longer unexpectedly audible


That’s GarageBand version 10.4.7.

It’s great that both the Mac and iOS versions of GarageBand now offer the same content to users again with the addition of the Modular Rhythms and Beat Tape packs here.

While there aren’t really any show-stopping additions other than those new sounds, it’s good to see Apple continuing to actively support and improve GarageBand on Mac.