These weird free plugins are BIZARRE.

But you know what, sometimes weird is good. Weird can make your music unique and memorable, so in this video I’ve rounded up some of the weirdest – but also usable – music productiom plugins on the planet…

Check out these weird free plugins below.


A surprisingly versatile saturation effect, Burier ranges from subtle overdrive to sizzling distortion and covers everything in between. Designed to “bury” a wide array of instruments, busses, and FX, Burier is the ultimate go-to saturator for drums, bass, vocals, and more.


Alter/Ego is a free text to synth plugin that lets you type in English or Japanese words, pick your character and then play them singing the words you’ve typed with a MIDI controller.

It’s a bizarre as it sounds, but also incredibly great fun!


Deelay from Sixth Sample is a powerful plugin that packs loads of features in a simple, minimalistic interface. Not only does Deelay do all the standard stuff you’d expect a delay plugin to do, it also has built in tape saturation, distortion, ducking and modulation effects too. 

Gorilla Bass

Gorilla Bass is a gritty and beefy instrument. Gorilla Bass is a plugin made to create heavy Reese basslines for drum & bass, jungle, 2-step, and garage music productions. Each Reese Bass has been created from scratch, mastered, and heavily processed to perfection. Beware though, these sounds are grungy and loud!


Just like Deelay that I mentioned earlier in this article, Driftmaker is essentially a delay effect. Unlike Deelay, Driftmaker doesn’t do any of the traditional stuff you might expect from a delay plugin.

It’s 100% weird 100% of the time. And I love it. 

Driftmaker is a delay disintegration device that parses incoming audio, recalls certain parts and adds analog deterioration to the signal.