You’ve written, recorded and mixed your track and the last thing left to do before releasing it to get it mastered.

How does that work? 

In the video below I talk about why you might want to master your music in the first place, and also take a look at one of the newest online mastering services around.

What is Mixea?

Mixea (from DistroKid) offers easy to use audio mastering options that sound great.

Mixea allows users to upload their fully mixed song files, tweak its sound using built in mastering parameters and then export the finished mastered file.

What I like about Mixea is that it is really straightforward.

They seem to have looked at what other online mastering services are doing and really streamlined the process, removing any unecessary fluff.

Why master your music?

You might be wondering why you need to master your music in the first place. Why can’t you just upload your exported mixed track as-is? 

Well, what mastering does essentially is balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix. It also optimizesplayback across all systems and media formats.

You can think of mastering as the final polish that turns a finished mix into a release that’ll give listeners a consistent listening experience on all device; from tiny iPhone speakers to studio monitors.

Mastering will also ensure that your track is loud enough. Streaming services like Spotify have specific loudness guidelines that can be tough to meet for beginners.

Mastering with Mixea takes away a lot of that guesswork. 

DistroKid are being realistic about Masters created with Mixea compared to traditional mastering houses.

DistroKid CEO Philip Kaplan; “Nothing will ever replace the artistry and expertise of a real, human mastering engineer,” he said. “But for artists who are short on time or resources, Mixea is a powerful tool to help make their music sound great in a hurry.”

Check out Mixea here.

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