Over 100 of the Best FREE Plugins

That’s right!

By the end of this article i’ll have showed you where to get your hands on 147 completely free plugins that you can add to your sonic arsenal in GarageBand, Logic or pretty much any other DAW on Mac you care to mention.

Watch the video below or keep scrolling to find links to all 147 free plugins!


Melda Production

Best Free Plugins

Melda have packed in a whopping 37 free plugins into this bundle. While they are quick to point out that some of the features in these plugins are limited (you can’t save your own presets, for example), the sheer range and quality of effects on offer here more than makes up for those drawbacks.

MFreeFX bundle is an incredible free suite of really useful plugins that you should definitely check out.

Grab the MFreeFX bundle here.


Analog Obsession

Best Free Plugins

For the last few years Rıdvan Küçük has been releasing top quality plugins under the company name Analog Obsession over on Patreon.

Now, just because Ridvan hosts his plugs on Patreon doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to download them. In fact he provides every single one of his plugins for free. Though after downloading and using some of these plugins, you might just want to throw some cash Analog Obsession’s way. 

Grab Analog Obsession’s free plugins here.



Spitfire Audio LABS

Best Free Plugins

Spitfire Audio’s LABS have a stellar reputation among well, anyone creating audio at this point and with good reason…

LABS began with a single free instrument and has since grown to 51 unique virtual instruments in total.

I urge you to go right now and download these incredible instruments. There really is nothing else out there quite like them certainly not for free.

Grab Spitfire Audio LABS here.



Best Free Plugins

Valhalla DSP are renowned for creating some of the most exciting reverb and modulation effects around. The three free plugins on offer here are no exception either, rivalling many paid plugins in terms of feature set and sound quality. 

The standout free plugin is Valhalla Supermassive. I’m not exaggerating here when I say that every single person creating music in any Daw on any platform SHOULD have this reverb plugin installed. 

Packed full of features, modes and applications, ValhallaSupermassive is the most versatile reverb plugin i’ve ever come across. In fact I was so enamoured by it that I named it my Plugin of the year back in 2020. It’s fantastic and if you were only going to grab a single plugin from this entire list, This is the one. 

Grab Valhalla’s free plugins here.


Blue Cat Audio

Best Free Plugins

I’ve been singing the praises of Blue Cat Audio’s Freeware bundle for almost a decade now and it’s been great to see Blue cat continuously update and improve the excellent plugins in this pack. 

This bundle contains a wide range of premium modulation effects, a guitar amp simulator, a single and dual-channel equalizer, a unique midi-controllable gain suite, as well as a professional spectrum analyzer.

Get Blue Cat Audio’s Freeware Pack here.