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Audiomodern Loopmix Review

Audiomodern are renowned for creating some of the most interesting and exciting effect plugins on the market. What’s more, their canny commitment to simultaneously unleashing new releases to both desktop platforms and iOS means that practically anyone creating music can get in on the action.

Their latest release; Loopmix is perhaps Audiomodern’s most intriguing offering to date.

Billed as a ‘creative loop remixer’, Loopmix allows you to quickly and easily create glitchy, randomised remixes out of up to six loops.

Users can go in depth on each step of each loop here, slicing, pitch shifting and reversing on the fly.



There is a LOT to get your teeth into, but Audiomodern have done a great job of laying everything out in a clean and easy to understand way. I’ve always appreciated that Audiomodern apps allow newcomers to just dive in and easily create some cool sounds, while simultaneously providing more in depth controls for the more technical minded.

Loopmix strikes this balance exceptionally well.

Just want to create some unorthodox grooves ASAP? Pick a factory preset, press the big red button until you like the look of the pattern, hit play and you’re off to the races!

Looking for more control? Dive into Loopmix’s signature Randomization Algorithms: Remix, Infinity, Temporary Randomization or use the Multifunctional Performance Keyboard to trigger specific clips exactly when you require them.

Audiomodern Loopmix

“Bringing your own loops and sounds into Loopmix and giving them a good mix around is exceptionally good fun and a great way to add a unique spin to existing material.”

Loopmix comes with over 1.6GB of factory presets for you to get to grips with. You also have the option to import/export and create your own personalized packs, all with your own Artwork, Name, Description and tagging which you can export and share with another device or with another user.

Loopmix Packs capture both the Samples & Patterns so every pack you export is exactly as you designed it.
New Expansions are provided regularly and everything can be done with 1-Click Export & Import.

Bringing your own loops and sounds into Loopmix and giving them a good mix around is exceptionally good fun and a great way to add a unique spin to existing material.

Loopmix is as creative a plugin as you’ll ever use. More than that it’s ridiculously addictive and great fun to use. Be warned – you’ll likely lose hours tinkering away with it.

Audiomodern Loopmix available now for an introductory price of 49€ instead of 69€. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows. Loopmix is also available for iPad with AUv3 support for $9.99/£8.99.

Endlessly creative Looper
Simple to get to grips with and great fun to use
Huge amount of depth for those who want it
Not much! Perhaps controls are a tad small on iOS
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