3 MUST HAVE iPad Music Production Apps

In this video I share one superb synth app and two fantastic effect apps that anyone making music on iPad should download.

Not only do all three of these iPad Music Production apps sound brilliant, they’re also 100% free…



Apps featured in this video:


Monolit is a brand new monophonic synth for iOS and Mac from the audio wizards at BLEASS. They’ve essentiall mooshed together elements from Alpha, their multi award winning UBER sytnh Alpha and their recently unleashed user friendly FM synth Omega. The result is a deceptively straightforward mono-synth that has a ton of tricks up its sleeve


AudioModern Panflow

Panflow is a creative panning modulator for iOS, Mac and Windows from AudioModern. GarageBand iOS users in particular will love this one. AudioModern have given us what Apple STILL refuses to…

Panning automation – with a twist.


Caelum Audio Flux Mini 2

Flux Mini 2 is the sequel to Caelum Audio’s wonderful dynamic modulation app Flux Mini and it picks up where the first version left off.

Available on iOS, Mac and Windows, The main draw of Flux Mini 2 is of course the customisable graph, where you can modulate filter cutoff, filter resonance, amplitude and mix values.