GarageBand Tutorial for Complete Beginners


From finding your way around the sound browser, to using touch instruments and recording audio, in this GarageBand tutorial for complete beginners I share five tips to help you get started in GarageBand on iPad and iPhone


Topics covered in the video above:

Sound Browser: Learn how to navigate GarageBand for iOS’ Sound Browser and discover the different instrument and effect options available.

Touch Instruments: Identify the different sections and functions that make up a GarageBand touch instrument. I take a step by step run through of the features available in GarageBand’s Guitar Touch Instrument.

Recording Touch Instruments: I share how to properly capture your Touch Instrument performance.

Recording Audio: Learn where your iPad/iPhone’s built in microphone is located. Discover how best to record audio and how to add effects afterwards.

Using Loops: I show where you can find GarageBand for iOS’ Loop Browser and how to narrow your search criteria. Learn how to place loops in the tracks view.


Why you should use GarageBand on your iPad/iPhone

Way back in March 2011, Apple announced they would be releasing a version of their popular recording program – GarageBand – for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch operating system, iOS.

While seen by many at first as little more than a fun distraction, GarageBand for iOS and iPadOS has become an incredibly full featured and robust app, with a massive (and still growing) community of music makers and content creators.

I personally first got to grips with the app in early 2012 on my (then) shiny new iPhone 4s.

Fast forward to present day and there are millions of people who use GarageBand for iOS and iPadOS every day to write, compose and record everything from electronic dance music to doom fueled metal and everything in between.

GarageBand tutorial for complete beginners

A complete recording studio in your portable device, GarageBand for iOS/iPadOS is packed full of powerful music making features.

GarageBand’s HIDDEN features

Why did Apple hide these GarageBand features?

In this special GarageBand iOS tutorial video I share six hidden features. They are guaranteed to make your GarageBand production workflow easier…