Not only are the three iOS music production Apps that I share in this video essential downloads for anybody making music on their iPad or iPhone, they’re also completely FREE!

Essential free iOS Music Production Apps Featured in this Video

Nembrini Clon Minotaur

The guitar heroes over at Nembrini Audio have managed to faithfully recreate the highly sought after transparent overdrive sound associated with the infamous Klon Centaur overdrive pedal with their Clon Minotaur App.

Nembrini say: “Depending on the settings of the control knobs, the Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive can act mostly as a clean boost, adding mostly volume and minimal coloring to the sound. This can be used to drive the input valve stage of the virtual amplifier to use the characteristic distortion sound of an overdriven guitar amp.”

This App sounds best when you’re adding it to an existing amp sim, or GarageBand’s own Amp Designer. Dial back the gain on one of those Amp Designer presets. Then add Clon Minotaur to the signal chain and your tone ends up sounding warmer and richer.

Get Nembrini Audio’s Clon Minotaur App here.

Audiothing Filterjam

Filterjam is a multiband resonant filter that delivers delightfully weird ring mod like filtered sounds. 

The input signal is divided into four bands that are then summed or multiplied together according to the mode that you choose. 

Filterjam is a lot of fun! It allows you to completely warp and transform your sounds. Having said that it’s also useful when used with a little more subtlety.

This is an essential addition to the more sonically adventurous iOS music makers out there. 

Get Audiothing’s FliterJam App here.

ChowDSP ChowTapeModel

Originally developed as part of a music signal processing class at Stanford University, Chow Tape Model is a digital emulation of a reel-to-reel analog tape machine.

There are a few of these kicking around on iOS, but this one is arguably one of the very best.

It’s a surprisingly deep app, especially considering its free. 

Get ChowDSP’s ChowTapeModel App here.