When it comes to stock reverb plugins in GarageBand for Mac, we really are spoiled for choice.

If you include the global and pedalboard options, there are close to a dozen different ways for you to add different types of reverb to your tracks.

For my money though, The Space Designer is the most interesting and usable of GarageBand’s stock reverb plugins.

Like most of the plugins i’ve covered in this series, GarageBand’s Space Designer is a stripped back version of the all singing and all dancing plugin found in Logic Pro X.

There’s a lot more customization options available in the Logic version as you would expect, as well as a great looking and easy to navigate GUI.

In GarageBand, we don’t get the pretty graphical interface, or most of the editing options.

The bad news here is that you won’t be able to build your desired reverb from scratch.

The good news though is that every single preset from the Logic Pro version has made its way across to the GarageBand version.

In the tutorial below, I walk you through the ins and outs of how the Space Designer works in GarageBand, plus demo some of my favourite presets and how to edit them.


There you have it, that’s GarageBand’s Sound Designer plugin all wrapped up.

Which of GarageBand’s plugins would you like to see me cover next? Leave a comment below and let me know!