You can now set Windows terminal as the default terminal emulator

Microsoft today announced the availability of Windows Terminal Preview 1.12. With this release, you can now set the stable version of Windows Terminal as the default terminal emulator. You will need the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel version to take advantage of this new functionality. After setting the default Windows terminal, when you launch an application from the command line, it automatically launches in the Windows terminal.

Profile match

The Windows terminal will now appropriately manage the correspondence of the executable launched with its terminal profile. This means that all of your customizations will appear if you have a profile with the same executable as the one selected for launch. For example, clicking Command Prompt on the Start menu will open your Command Prompt profile, rather than your default profile running cmd.exe. This feature is only available in Windows Terminal Preview and will be carried over to Windows Terminal in a future release.

Window restoration

You can now configure your Windows terminal to restore your previous tabs and panes after restarting (Thanks @Rosefield!). This can be activated with "firstWindowPreference" put at "persistedWindowLayout" in the global settings of your settings.json file or in your settings on the start page.

"firstWindowPreference": "persistedWindowLayout"

Full transparency

Windows terminal now supports full transparency! Instead of using acrylic, you can have full transparency just like the transparency variation available in the original console. An improvement over the Windows Console Host in this implementation is that the text will remain opaque while the background becomes transparent. This allows you to be able to read your terminal prompt without losing contrast!

Advice: You can control the transparency level of your window with Ctrl+Gap+Scroll.

Various improvements

You can now select the text that has been printed in your stamp with the keyboard!

The profiles for Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt (VS2017 +) and Visual Studio Developer PowerShell (VS2019.2 +) will now be generated automatically.

Raised terminal windows now display a shield icon to the left of tabs to make the window more distinguishable.

You can now activate the "adjustIndistinguishableColors" profile setting to adjust the foreground color to make it more visible, based on the background color.

You can now select and interact with subtrees of panes.

When splitting a new shutter, SplitState now accepts directional modifiers.

You can now open the system menu with Alt+Space, which uses the new openSystemMenu action.

Bug fixes

Using the touch keyboard should now call correctly when you tap in the console window

Mouse coordinates are now fixed as the window scrolls for all events.

When performing multiple actions, selecting a new tab should now focus on that tab immediately.

You can now navigate the pane focus without having to zoom out.

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