Xbox consoles get the latest version of Microsoft Edge


In a recent update, Xbox One and Series S / X users get access to the new version of Microsoft Edge, which provides additional functionality.

Xbox consoles get the latest version of Microsoft Edge

While some people may associate web browsers with PCs, video game companies have sought to add browser support to their consoles over the years. Specifically, Xbox has made a concerted effort to make non-gaming activities more accessible on its platform through the use of Microsoft Edge. This web browser provides an efficient way for gamers to browse the Internet. Over the years, Microsoft has attempted to improve browser performance and add new features for those on Xbox One and the next-gen Xbox Series X and S.

Microsoft Edge is the latest web browser developed by Microsoft. Available on a number of different platforms, including Xbox consoles, the browser replaced the company’s old Internet Explorer. Released on Xbox One in 2015, Microsoft Edge has only gotten better on the platform over the years. Just a few months ago, the developers added mouse and keyboard support for those on Xbox. While this improves browser-based activities on consoles, the developers don’t seem to be happy because a new update has been released adding even more features.

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With the release of this latest version of Mircosoft Edge for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S, details regarding the new update have also been revealed. One of the highlights of the new browser is the ability to now use Google Stadia gaming apps through the browser. While Microsoft plans to launch the Xbox Cloud Gaming service this holiday season, this new browser update gives gamers the alternative of streaming games through Google Stadia to Xbox consoles instead.

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In addition to access to Google Stadia in the new update, fans are getting new features for the Chromium-based Edge browser on Xbox consoles. This updated Xbox version of the browser looks similar to its desktop counterpart, as it includes Favorites, vertical tabs, and Collections. Additionally, players can now use the browser to access Discord. This is a nice addition, as the Discord app is currently not available on Xbox. Using the web version of Discord, users can participate in voice calls and also use text channels. However, microphone support for the web version of Discord is still not supported on Microsoft Edge for Xbox.

Beyond this new update for Microsoft Edge, the end of 2021 promises to be important for Xbox. With a number of new Triple-A games set to arrive on Xbox Game Pass including Infinite halo, Xbox fans have many reasons to be excited. It will be interesting to see what kind of surprises Xbox the fans are then met.

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