Windows update bug disrupts important Azure security updates


Microsoft says it is working to resolve an issue that is blocking Azure blue Virtual offices by downloading and installing security updates using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

According to the Redmond-based company, it is investigate the problem This causes the Settings app under the Windows Update setting to report that the system is fully updated, even though the last update it received was in May 2021.

The notice published by Microsoft mentions that the problem affects both the Windows 10 Enterprise multisession, version 1909 as well as Windows Server multisession version, version 1909.

Temporary corrections

While fixing the bug, Microsoft suggested two workarounds to help users keep their Azure virtual desktops up to date.

The first is to grab and redeploy the latest images from the Azure Marketplace, which will be equipped with the most recent security updates.

However, because redeployment is not always a feasible option, Microsoft suggests that users manually download monthly security updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog and manually install them on all affected devices.

While these solutions can work for many users, they are labor intensive and may not even be feasible for some users, especially those with larger deployments.

That said, despite the time and effort required to manually install security updates on systems, either by redeploying the updated images or by manually installing the updates, performing security updates obsolete exposes virtual desktops to all kinds of security risks.


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