Windows 11 hidden features you never knew existed

In this guide we will discuss some hidden and interesting features in Windows 11 that you may not have known. Microsoft continues to roll out new features every month with new updates and fixes. Along with the new operating system, Windows 11 brought many improvements and new features, such as Snap Layouts, a new Microsoft Store, a redesigned Start menu and taskbar, and many more.

Windows 11 hidden features

Although there are many features of Windows 11 that you must have noticed and used as needed, there are some features that might have gone unnoticed to you. These features can really help you improve your overall Windows experience. Let’s see this list of hidden features in Windows 11.

  1. Multitasking features
  2. Adjust the volume for individual apps open on the desktop
  3. Windows backup options
  4. Allow background apps
  5. Some cool features of clipboard history
  6. Better security
  7. Estimated “update time”
  8. Using the device
  9. Focus mode in the Clock app
  10. Windows Subsystem for Linux.

If you are a beginner, you might want to start with our Windows 11 tutorial.

1]Multitasking features

Best multitasking settings to enable on Windows 11

Windows 11 has some improvements in its multitasking functionality. We have already talked about the Snap Layouts feature which allows you to manage multiple windows at once. Apart from that, you can also show browser tabs in the Alt + Tab menu.

Smart layouts and instant layouts

You can choose whether you want to open windows and all tabs in Microsoft Edge, open windows and some recent tabs in Microsoft Edge, or open windows only.

Apart from that, there is a Shake the title bar window (Aero Shake) function using which you can grab a window’s title bar and shake it to minimize all other open windows on your desktop.

To use these features, open the Settings app by pressing the Windows + I keyboard shortcut, then navigate to the System> Multitasking section.

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2]Adjust the volume for individual applications open on the desktop

The Windows Volume Mixer function is now available in the Settings> System> Sound section. This is the same function that allows you to adjust the sound levels of the system. However, if you didn’t know, you can now adjust the volume on an individual app basis.

Just open Settings and go to System> Sound and click on Volume Mixer. After that, under the Apps section, you can see the volume slider for the individual apps that you currently have open. You will now be able to adjust the volume of each app as you wish.

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3]Windows backup options

In the new Settings app on Windows 11, you’ll see a new Windows backup options page. You can find the backup options under Settings> System> Storage> Advanced storage settings> Backup options. You can directly sync your folders with OneDrive. In addition, you can also use handy features like Remember my apps and Remember my preferences.

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4]Authorization of background applications

You can also select the background apps which can use certain permissions on your Windows 11 PC. These permissions can include location, camera, voice activation, microphone, contacts, calendar, etc. . To set permissions for background apps, go to Settings> Privacy and security and scroll down to the App permissions section. You can choose certain permissions and then enable / disable permission for specific apps.

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5]Some cool features of clipboard history

Windows 11 has a new and improved Clipboard History feature. The clipboard now has some interesting and random functions, such as emojis, GIFs, Kaomoji, symbols, etc. You can simply enable clipboard history by going to Settings> System> Clipboard section. Then you can access the Clipboard items by pressing Win + V keyboard shortcut.

In the Clipboard History window, you will see several built-in features like GIFs, Emojis, etc. You can use these elements in your articles whenever you want.

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6]Better security

Since the news of the Windows 11 operating system came out, we’ve all heard that Windows 11 has higher built-in security requirements, including secure primary PCs and TPM. There are various handy privacy and security settings in Windows 11 that help you keep your PC secure. Some of these features include secure login options, device security features, built-in security tools and features, data encryption, app launch tracking feature, logout when you are away feature and many others. These options ensure you have a great Windows 11 experience without compromising security.

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7]Estimated “update time”

Windows 11 will now estimate the time it will take to install certain updates on your PC. While we cannot test the accuracy of the estimated update time, it can still give you an idea of ​​how long it will take to install an update. So you know if you can update your PC instantly or wait until the end of active hours. You can also schedule the update after active hours.

This feature is expected to roll out soon as new updates to Windows 11 are rolled out.

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8]Using the device

Using the device is a small but effective feature. In case you didn’t know, it allows you to tell the system how you plan to use it for personalized advice and recommendations. You can select multiple use cases for your device including games, family, creativity, business, leisure, etc. You can access this setting by going to Settings> Personalization> Data usage.

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9]Focus mode in the Clock application

How to enable and use Focus sessions in Windows 11

The new Clock app in Windows 11 comes with a Focus Session mode. This mode allows users to concentrate on their work, monitor the time spent on a particular task, take a break after an interval of time, and more. If you are a workaholic, you can use this feature to improve your productivity.

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10]Windows Subsystem for Linux

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 11 allows developers to run a GNU / Linux environment and explore the Linux operating system. WSL is now available in the Microsoft Store from where you can get it.

What are the new Windows 10 tips and tricks?

In this article, we’ve covered some easy and less straightforward Windows 11 tips and tricks to improve your computing and browsing experience and increase your productivity.

  1. Pin apps to the Start menu
  2. Dictation with punctuation
  3. Sound settings
  4. Instant layouts
  5. Taskbar on all your screens
  6. Adjust the alignment of the taskbar
  7. Reset network settings
  8. deactivate the notifications
  9. Remove unwanted personalized ads from apps
  10. Block pop-up windows and tracking in MS Edge
  11. New right click options
  12. Widgets
  13. Touch keypad
  14. Change the default location
  15. Search parameters.

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What can Windows 11 do?

There are a lot of things you can do on Windows 11 that you couldn’t before. You can access instant layouts, manage multiple desktops faster, run Android apps directly, view more battery usage statistics. Other than that, you can sign in to Microsoft Teams with just a few clicks, access and manage widgets from the taskbar, and use Focus Mode with the improved Clock app.

Will the Control Panel be removed in Windows 11?

The Control Panel may eventually become obsolete in the Windows operating system. However, from now on you can access and use Control Panel in Windows 11 as usual.

Is Windows 10 better than Windows 11?

It totally depends on how they like the new Windows 11. Windows 11 is completely redesigned, has a new user interface design. While some liked Windows 11, many users prefer the older Windows 10. Windows 11 has new features and enhanced security. However, some users are also missing out on a lot of the features they loved in Windows 10. For people who still prefer Windows 10, it’s here to stay until 2025. So you can keep using it.

What features are deprecated in Windows 11?

Many features have been deprecated or removed in Windows 11 including Cortana, Windows timeline, lock screen quick state, tablet mode, math input panel, many taskbar features, etc.

That’s it!

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