Windows 11 exclusive feature is the reason you need to upgrade from Windows 10 now

Windows 11 Now benefits from x64 emulation for Arm-based PCs, Microsoft revealed. This means owners of Windows laptops powered by low-power SoC Arms can now access applications and games intended for 64-bit chips, opening the door to many more software choices.

While many popular apps will run smoothly on Arm hardware without the need for emulation, there is a long list of games and photo / video editors that just won’t work. While emulation is never as good as native support, it is nonetheless extremely useful for those who use devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Book Go or Microsoft Surface Pro X.

The bad news, however, is that inclusion of the feature in Windows 10 appears to have been dropped, despite being available in preview for Windows Insiders for almost a year.

Microsoft has quietly updated a December 2020 blog post announcing x64 emulation to reflect the change. “X64 emulation for Windows is now generally available in Windows 11,” read an update at the top of the page. “For those who want to experience this, a PC running Windows 11 on Arm is required. “

This suggests that Microsoft will remove the feature with future versions of Windows 10 Insider, likely to encourage upgrading to Windows 11. And while you can probably continue to enjoy x64 emulation on older versions of Insider, it is not advisable to decline updates. For safety reasons.

Microsoft remains committed to “supporting customers on Windows 10 on Arm until October 14, 2025,” but such support doesn’t mean it has to keep working on x64 emulation, which has always been a bonus. , rather than a core feature.

Fortunately, upgrading to Windows 11 is free for Windows 10 owners, although there are some requirements that you must meet. To find out if your PC or laptop is compatible, download the PC Health Checker and see for yourself.

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