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Another windows update, another windows problem. Microsoft has admitted that a July update for Windows 10 may have broken audio for some users.

KB5015878released on July 26, has apparently caused no sound on some Windows devices, while others have reported some audio ports malfunctioning, with only certain audio devices working or sound only playing through certain apps.

Microsoft indicates in an update just before the weekend that it has solved the problemand outlines some preventative measures that users can try.

Ultimately, however, Microsoft said the only way to fix the problem was to use Microsoft Restoring a known issuebut with a rather important – and limiting – caveat: this will only fix the problem on systems that have not yet encountered it.

“This KIR will prevent the issue on Windows devices that have not installed [the update] but will have no effect on devices already affected by this known issue,” Microsoft says.

The main issue discovered was with audio device drivers that had “audio enhancements” settings disabled prior to installation, and those that had issues with the audio enhancements feature prior to the update.

Those who have not yet installed the update can use the KIR or update device drivers. Microsoft also recommends anyone using advanced audio applications to back up all of their settings before installing KB5015878.

If certain applications are affected, Microsoft recommends verifying that the audio devices are not transmitted to the correct sources and/or reinstalling the affected application. If no audio sources work, Microsoft suggests users try the Windows Troubleshooter and disable audio enhancements in Windows.

In short, if you still haven’t deployed this update, which was released in late July for client versions of Windows 10, you might be in luck; otherwise, expect potential problems.

Microsoft’s latest Windows updates have introduced a whole host of issues. The day the Windows 10 update was released, The register reported that the previous updateKB5015807, released on July 12, caused printing issues on Windows 10 workstations and servers.

Microsoft also had a workaround for this issue – find and remove duplicate printers – but from the release notes released on August 9, the issue is still present and being investigated. A security update released the same day brought an additional problem: Windows users were sent into BitLocker Recovery and prompted to enter a key to skip the locked boot screen.

Microsoft has confirmed the BitLocker update issue and said it only affects Windows 11 users. At this time, Microsoft is warning all BitLocker users to disable the service before installing the update. ®

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