What is the pop-up window feature and how do I use it in Windows 11?

Since Windows 7, Microsoft has introduced a split screen feature and you could have done this by pressing Windows + Arrow keys to split the app into half screen. This feature is very useful when taking notes because in the half of the screen you can open a browser and in the other half you can open a notepad or Word document and start typing. Windows 11 pop-up feature has undergone an overhaul and we can say it is the best compared to all previous versions. The shortcut still works the same, but there is now a lot more to splitting the screen into two halves. Here’s how to properly use the functionality of Windows 11.

Activate the snap window

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Although this feature is enabled by default, you can check it again if it is enabled / disabled.

Step 1 – Press the Start button on the keyboard or tap the Windows icon on the toolbar.

2nd step – Search by typing snap parameters, and open it.

Step 3 – Make sure the snap window option is enabled.

enable snap window in Windows 11

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How to use the snap window

Once the option is enabled, you can now split the apps into 6 different layouts

  • Two, split 50/50Arrangements of hanging windows
  • Two, 70/30 split
  • Three windows in thirds
  • Three, 50/25/25 divided
  • Four windows in quarters
  • Three, split 25/50/25

To use it, hover over the Maximize button on any application window to discover the split screen options (there may only be 4 options depending on Windows version and screen size) or just press Win + Z to open the option.

Using the snap window in Windows 11

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Now you can enjoy multitasking and have a seamless experience on Windows 11.

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