Wean your child from Windows 11 and install it on Zorin OS 16 Education Linux distribution

In August 2021, we told you about Zorin OS 16 – an absolutely brilliant Linux distro for those switching from Windows. Its familiarity, polish, and inclusion of great software not only make it a solid choice for Linux newbies, but also for experts.

And now Zorin OS 16 Education is here. This specialized version of the operating system is specially designed for students. With many people believing that Linux is the future, Zorin OS 16 Education should be a great way to teach your child about the open source kernel. If you leave them relying solely on Windows 11, they might end up unprepared and unequipped for the new Linux world.

“This new version of Zorin OS Education takes advantage of new features and improvements in Zorin OS 16, our most advanced operating system yet. These include a faster and improved desktop, easier integration with the new Tower, faster navigation with touchpad gestures and accessing more apps than ever before, to name a few.Improved hardware support also ensures that you get the best experience on the old and new computers,” explains the Zorin OS development team.

The developers add, “It combines the latest and greatest software with educational apps that enhance learning and have more impact in preschool, primary and secondary schools. It helps prepare students for the skills they need. need to understand today’s world and build their tomorrow’s world. With this release, we have focused on providing a more compelling educational platform that adapts to your learning environment, whether you are in class or at home, with or without Internet access.

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The Zorin OS development team added the useful Kolibri by default, and you can read more about this app here. Below, the developers also share four new education-focused programs included in this version of the operating system, along with a description of each.

  • Guardian is a powerful mind mapping app that brings your notes and ideas to life. Create, map, and visualize concepts on an ever-expanding canvas to help you better understand and think better.
  • Foliar is a simple and modern e-book viewer designed to make it easier for you so you can focus on what you’re reading. It has a built-in book catalog where you can download countless public domain books for free.
  • OpenBoard is a dynamic canvas for interactive whiteboards in classrooms. Go beyond drawing, with the ability to annotate documents and web pages, display multimedia content, and incorporate tools such as calculators, maps, and other interactive elements to help you give more engaging lessons.
  • Minuet is an app to help teach music knowledge. It offers a set of auditory training exercises regarding intervals, chords, scales, etc.

Believe it or not, despite including all that great learning-focused software, Zorin OS 16 Education is completely free. Yes, that’s right, parents, unlike Windows 11 (which sells for over $100 here), this operating system won’t cost you anything. You can download it here now and start your child on the path to success with Linux!

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