Tips for talking about finances as a couple

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They say that when money goes out the door, love comes out the window. And the same goes for finances as a couple.

Not knowing how to discuss these issues with the person you live with or will live in the future, can cause serious problems and, in one of those, even separation.

And it is that telling the person how much you earn and what you spend, can be uncomfortable. Especially after being used to spending your money on whatever you want without explaining to anyone.

However, to achieve a life as a couple, have healthy finances and achieve financial projects and goals, it is necessary to explore the different ways in which this issue can be addressed. It is something that must be clearly spoken and the rules very clear before starting life as a couple.

So if you feel that this issue has more than overwhelmed you and you don’t know how to deal with it, we give you 5 tips so you don’t continue turning it around.

1. Communication

1. Communication

Knowing how much your partner earns and organizing to achieve projects together has nothing wrong, the important thing is the way they talk about it. If it is always an issue that brings them conflicts or that they reproach themselves for, it is best to start from scratch and start speaking it on a proactive basis.

2. Agreements

2. Agreements

It is possible that of the two, one has a better income than the other, so make a budget together and agree on who can pay what according to their capacity. If one will contribute 70 percent of the expenses and the other with 30 percent, it must be clear from the beginning.

3. Tastes and hobbies

It is important that, as far as possible, life as a couple does not mean giving up the standard of living they had until they were together to make the process easier. So if before they went to the movies, to bars, they went out to eat, they can organize to continue doing it.

4. Tailored life

Speaking of the standard of living they had before starting their life as a couple, it is important that they define whether they agree to continue with him or can even venture to live more simply. This is essential to agree on the expenses they will cover, the income they will pay, the level of consumption they will have. Disagreements begin when one wants to continue shopping every weekend and the other does not give their income to maintain such a life.

5. Account in common

If you think your relationship is already strong enough, it may be a good time to open a common account to start saving for your future plans. For this, trust is very necessary and establish in which situations money can be taken from it. Since it would not be very fair for you to make your contributions to the account monthly and one day you realize that it is the “petty cash” for your partner’s cravings.

With these tips, you and your partner can start planning healthy finances that will benefit you in the short, medium and long term.