Thrustmaster officially unveils the TCA Yoke Boeing edition and quadrant for PC and Xbox flight simulators


Today, during a FlightSimExpo 2021 livestream, Thrustmaster unveiled a new, officially licensed flight simulator controller from Boeing.

Today, during a direct from device maker FlightSimExpo 2021 Thrustmaster has unveiled a new, officially licensed flight simulator controller from Boeing.

The TCA (Thrustmaster Civil Aviation) Yoke Boeing Edition was teased yesterday and will reproduce the swinging action of real ones on Boeing airliners, and pairs with the TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition, a throttle set for two engines including flaps interchangeable or spoiler levers, an autopilot selector button, and more.

Inspired by the 787 Dreamliner, the internal structure of the yoke is 100% metal to ensure strength.

Thrustmaster worked with Boeing Engineer to get the result as close to actual orders as possible. Incidentally, this is Thrustmaster’s very first yoke.

The full reveal will take place on November 9, and right now the manufacturer isn’t ready to share more. A prototype was already available for testing at FlightSimExpo.

Of course, you can certainly expect the yoke to be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator and other sims like X-Plane and P3D. It is also confirmed to work on Xbox.

Thrustmaster already sells the excellent Airbus TCA package, so it will now have officially licensed products from the two main airliner manufacturers in its range.

Of course, you can expect more news on this yoke as soon as Thrustmaster reveals more on November 9, 2021.

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