The right way to hook up a portable generator to your home

According to Honda, a transfer switch changes the flow of electricity from your home’s electrical panel to your home generator. It makes electricity management easier and allows you to power your whole house with the use of a portable generator if necessary.

According to NerdyNaut, an automatic transfer switch costs more than the manual option, but it will automatically detect a loss of main power to your home, switch to generator power, and prioritize the correct circuits in the event of a failure. This is a complex electrical system and as such should be installed by a professional. However, it is a good plan for you as the owner to decide which circuits and devices are crucial to prioritize so that the automatic transfer switch can be programmed with your preferences from the start.

Some areas require all generator operation to be through a transfer switch for safety reasons. In non-residential areas, automatic transfer switches are installed where a loss of electrical power could pose a danger to life, safety, or equipment, such as hospitals and data centers, according to Professional Electrician & Installer. . These systems require an initial investment and installation, but for that money you will get peace of mind and uninterrupted power supply in return.

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