The cost of natural gas is on the rise, which means your heating bill could be rising this winter too

“With the new state laws, they are looking to do more electrification in the state for heating and hot water to try and get a cleaner energy path so that they go to the pumps. heat for cold climate, ”said Michael Porpora, an installer with Crossfield Home Energy Solutions.

The New York State Civil Service Commission said it expects to pay 21% more for natural gas. Last year, a typical heating bill was around $ 786 during the winter. This year, it could reach over $ 900 – but keep in mind that every home is different.

“I would say, probably $ 100 to $ 300 potential increase in your heating bill in the winter,” Porpora said.

When you’re wrapped in a blanket, it seems crazy to think that lowering your thermostat is the only option. While this is an option, there are other things you can do to stay warm without breaking the bank.

“Make sure the house is tight, if you have storm windows make sure they are closed, make sure your window latches are locked so that the seal is good,” added Porpora.

There are also cost effective replacement options if you have heat sources like baseboard heating or a boiler.

“If you still use natural gas, you can get a more efficient boiler, or air or ground source heat pumps. Air sources can extract heat from the air even down to -13 degrees. on the ground itself, they all run on electricity, ”Porpora said.

Experts say the peak in natural gas came at a difficult time for governments across the country, as world leaders try to move away from fossil fuels.

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