Tesla leak reveals all-in-one ‘Superhorn’ for Model 3 and Y

Tesla could add new hardware components to its upcoming 2022 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, including a new all-in-one “Superhorn” that combines a horn, alarm and speaker. This feature and many more have been revealed (Going through Electrek) in a document leaked on the German-speaking Tesla forum TFF.

The listed component changes presented in the document appear to be intended for European regulators. Tesla generally doesn’t align new features with model years as closely as most other manufacturers. For example, the company started adding its new fully autonomous computer (HW3) to cars in April 2019. Then, in September of the same year, it started including a external speaker under Model 3 bumper (to comply with legislation requiring electric vehicles to be equipped with a pedestrian warning system).

This external speaker supplement was a component of Tesla’s Acoustic Vehicle Warning System (AVAS), which emits sounds to warn inattentive pedestrians nearby (due to the fact that electric vehicles are relatively quiet compared to internal combustion engine vehicles). The company, known for its original novelties, then added new sounds that explode from the external speaker after honking the horn, including goat bleating and fart tearing.

The leaked document also shows another LG battery variant for the Model 3 Performance.
Image: eivissa, TFF Forum user

The new part is intended to replace the current system, listed as “Superhorn (3 in 1 horn, alarm, speaker) AVAS version” – which hints at the simplification of the number of speaker parts used by the car. The component can contain a single speaker or a combination of speakers that can emit the AVAS sounds, honk and play the Sentry Mode alarm.

It could also discourage dangerous modifications – some EV owners prefer silence on the move and have unplugged warning speakers for pedestrians, including owners of electric vehicles. Nissan leaf and a few Tesla. With the new all-in-one AVAS speaker, unplugging it can also mean turning off the horn.

The listing also reveals that the Models 3 and Y will set aside their old lead-acid batteries for the 15.5V lithium-ion versions (along with renewed accessories like a new windshield pump compatible with the new voltage). Tesla has already made a similar change to the new 2021 S and X models. Other notable changes include a new cabin radar and infrared camera for the Y model, laminated rear door windows and a new infotainment computer.

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