Steam Survey: Windows 11 rises, Windows 10 still dominates

What a bunch of garbage you don’t know anyone stop pretending the world revolves around you and you know everyone so only people who might be using Windows 11 should be fanboys because you tend to hate Microsoft and Windows.
Have you even used Windows 11? you talked about your imaginary friends, but what about you?

Windows 11 = Windows 10…so what “productivity nightmare” is it? If your imaginary friends are having trouble with this, maybe it’s time for them to retire from tech and stop complaining about it.

I mean, Windows 11 opens the same apps as Windows 10 and more because you can install other types of apps like Android apps. It has windows terminal installed and set as default, it has winget installed out of the box, it also has edge chromium installed out of the box (like latest win10 versions).
The only thing that changed was the taskbar and start menu, and if people think Windows 11 sucks because it removed some features that will eventually be added back, then idiots shouldn’t use tech, I mean, taskbar and start menu = you hit windows key and find your app and move on, why do you even need to click anything? when you switch apps, the alt or wintab should suffice for your imaginary super tech-savvy friends.

People could literally close Explorer.exe and should be able to use Windows without a problem if they really want to. People could “cheat” and install a program launcher like Flow Launcher or Powertoys (which is fine, because it’s for dumb people and not power users, but it works).

You really have no idea and you’re probably a lazy person like most humans, just a complainer about a user interface that you shouldn’t even be using if you were a power user who really wants to pursue productivity and all those blah words that mean nothing when you’re that ignorant.

Seriously, Windows 11 runs the exact same apps and more than Win10, it fixed a lot of issues and made things more manageable. The only problem with Windows 11 is the dumb requirements, but they can easily be circumvented so they don’t even matter.
But complaining about productivity when 99.9% of the features work the same way is stupid and if you’re that super tech savvy person a change in the taskbar should literally mean nothing because you don’t only used it to switch apps and you don’t need it for anything else, as some clowns make you believe.
I mean, putting the taskbar on the sides or top or showing the full window name like Vista and the previous taskbar used to show windows, won’t increase or decrease productivity, it’s a Stupid customization that someone looking for productivity shouldn’t even care about.

Complain about taskbar customization and you might get a point, still dumb, but it’s a valid point for some people who apparently don’t use a computer and just care about how the computer looks. Windows user interface, even though all Windows should do is launch programs, which ones really matter and which ones you should care about a little more about their UI/UX.

Windows = a program launcher. Learn how to close explore.exe and use it, then come back and talk about sucking Windows or some BS like that. I mean, you probably don’t even use Windows, maybe you’re those lazy clowns who use Linux but complain about Windows modernizing the taskbar.

People seriously need to stop bullshitting and making imaginary “I know a lot of people” friends and making all that drama about a taskbar and the few changes they made.
The only thing people might have a valid complaint about is the context menu, and that only matters if you’re using file explorer, which you can easily use a third-party file explorer that will have tabs and all what people want, which might increase productivity, so right click, having to do 1 more click to bring in a few more settings that most people don’t need, again, this has no importance. Just lazy people who don’t want to do 1 more click.

But still, when people can close Explorer.exe and then come back and tell me Windows 11 is just different from Windows 10, then I’ll believe their BS bullshit. Unless users want to launch Settings or a Windows Store app, closing explorer.exe shouldn’t even matter.

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