Some Minecraft players are having difficulty playing the Java edition in the new launcher

It seems Minecraft players are not satisfied with the new version of Java Edition Minecraft Launcher because it causes a multitude of problems in the 3D Sandbox game. While this launcher was introduced to give PC gamers greater accessibility to the game, many report difficulties with the launcher where the game won’t start, take a long time to load, or not load at all.

In an example, Minecraft Players reported the error message: “Game failed to launch! File could not be copied. Error details: The system cannot move the file to another disk drive.” Others see: “Minecraft The launcher is not available in your account. Error code: 0x803F8001. The error message: “The pixel format is not accelerated” is reported by players whose driver has malfunctioned due to the launcher or player having an outdated graphics card.


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This new launcher consolidates Minecraft games, such as the dungeon crawler and action-adventure: Minecraft dungeons and Minecraft Bedrock Edition, for easy access, especially for Windows 10 and 11 users. However, gamers have described specific issues when trying to launch their games. According to Reddit, players have claimed a download time of two hours or no upload at all. It was also reported that there were issues with modding, problematic frame rates, and the infamous blue screen.

In a video created by YouTuber DCMX Gaming, he gives a tutorial on how to fix download issues Minecraft mods when using the new launcher. Its solution is to revert to the old launcher in which the compatibility is still good with Windows 10. Other solutions that have surfaced are the typical request to “restart your PC”, check if the antivirus software or firewall of the player blocks the launcher, uninstall and reinstall the launcher or by downloading the launcher directly from the Microsoft Store.

Image showing the Minecraft logo and a group of Minecraft characters emerging from a cave.

At times like this, it’s great that players come together to help each other solve their launch issues, posting videos and suggestions, at least until the developers come to their aid. Minecraft developer Mojang provides a lot of support through Minecraft support center and his Mojang Twitter. It asks players to submit screenshots to help identify the problem and get an immediate solution.

The Minecraft The launcher is free, but the games require purchase. The launcher is also designed to detect saved files and migrate them upon login, so gamers don’t have to panic. Hope to come Minecraft updates and fixes, launch issues Minecraft will fade and players will be able to enjoy the build without interruption.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Source: Reddit, Gamertweak


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