Skype Lives On As Microsoft Adds New Features To Rival Zoom

Despite the popularity of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft is not leaving Skype. The videoconferencing service benefits from a set of new features, all designed to make the application faster, more reliable and more modern.

From set of incoming features for Skype is the new stage of calling. Microsoft is adding new layouts, themes, and more to help you connect with people on the other end of the call.

A new light theme, along with a change that puts you in the primary view during a call, are other big changes. Microsoft is even changing the format of calls so that all participants can be seen together. This includes audio-only participants, who can now have their own backgrounds.

When it comes to performance, Microsoft says the app is now 30% faster on the desktop and over 2,000% faster on Android. The company says it is committed to supporting Skype on all web browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

This should be useful for the “Meet Now” feature, where the lobby has been redesigned to be easier to use and much more beautiful. The Join Now links in Meet Now have also changed so that you can see previews with your call name and avatar when you join the call.

Other areas of the Skype Desktop app on Windows and Mac are also expected to look different in a future update. The upgraded chat headers have a changed layout and button gradients – even the left side panel has changed, to balance the brightness with new themes and color gradients.

As for the mobile versions of Skype, Microsoft is adding a new “TwinCam” feature. This can allow you to use your phone to add it as a camera for the call, or to show a pet or something behind your laptop webcam.

And for those situations where you might be on a call with someone speaking a different language, there will be a Skype Universal Translator feature, which is a real-time translator that runs on the best calls.

To top off the list of upcoming features, personalized notification sounds and the ability to react with any emotion within two seconds on a call. Microsoft also integrates Skype with Office Lens, so you can create videos, as well as scan documents and whiteboards.

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