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Run programs in a sandbox to prevent malware from making permanent changes to your PC.

Sandboxie allows you to run your browser, or any other program, so that any changes resulting from use are kept in a sandbox environment, which can then be removed later.

Sandbox is sandbox based isolation software for Windows NT 32 and 64 bit operating systems. It is developed by David Xanatos since it became open source, before that it was developed by Sophos (who acquired it from Invincea, who acquired it earlier from the original author Ronen Tsour). It creates an isolated sandbox-like operating environment in which applications can be run or installed without permanently changing the local or mapped drive. An isolated virtual environment allows controlled testing of no trust programs and surf the web.

Sandboxie is available in two flavors Plus and Classic. Both have the same basic components, which means they have the same level of security and compatibility. What is different is the user interface that the Plus version has a modern Qt based user interface that supports all the new features that have been added since the project went open source. The Classic version has the old MFC based user interface which is no longer developed so it does not support modern features, however these features can still be used when manually configured in Sandboxie.ini.

Sandboxie Plus / Classic changelog:


  • added a forced process flag to the process status column # 1174
  • addition of the option “SbieTrace = y” to trace the interaction between the Sandboxie processes and the main components of Sandboxie
  • when initializing an empty sandbox, the MSI debug keys are set to generate the debug output of the MSI installer service
  • addition of “DisableComProxy = y” allowing to deactivate the COM proxy via the service
  • addition of “ProcessLimit = …” which allows to limit the maximum number of processes in a sandbox # 1230
  • added missing IPC logging


  • Reworked SbieSvc ini server to allow parameter caching and dramatically improve performance
  • – Now the comments in the Sandboxie.ini are kept as well as the order of all the entries
  • replacing the list of configuration sections enabled with a hash card to improve configuration performance
  • improved Plus installer progress and status messages (by mpheath) # 1168
  • reworked RpcS, sandboxed RpcS and DcomLaunch start mechanisms can now be run as a system, use “RunRpcssAsSystem = y”
  • – Note: This is generally not recommended for security reasons, but may be required for compatibility in some scenarios
  • reworked management of WTSQueryUserToken to work correctly in all scenarios
  • reworked configuration value list to use hash table for better performance


  • installing Fixed Upgrade Plus in Windows 7 (by mpheath) # 1194
  • fix custom autoexec commands executed at every box startup instead of just at boot
  • fixed a design issue limiting the maximum number of processes in a box to 511
  • fixed handle leaks in the persistent process monitoring mechanism
  • Fixed issue with opening device paths such as ” ?? FltMgr”
  • Fixed build issue with explicit FileDigestAlgorithm option for driver sign (by isaak654) # 1210
  • Fixed issue with sometimes corrupted resource access log
  • Fixed issue with Microsoft Office Click-to-Run # 428 # 882


  • removed support for Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), as it was EOL in 2018
  • removal of support for Messenger Plus! Live, because MSN Messenger has been EOL since 2013
  • turkish language disabled on UI Plus for inactivity (by isaak654) # 1215

Download: Sandboxie Plus 0.9.7 (64 bit) | Sandboxie Plus 0.9.7 (32 bit) ~ 15.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Sandboxie 5.52.1 Classic (64-bit) | Sandboxie 5.52.1 Classic (32-bit) ~ 2.0 MB
View: Sandboxie Website | Sandboxie Plus Home Page | GitHub

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