Rumor: Stop Anticipating Windows 11 With This Solution You Can Now Download and Install Microsoft’s Operating System

Microsoft is releasing the operating system in stages, your system might not ask you to upgrade right away – in fact, even if you tell your computer to check for updates, you might not find out. . Microsoft said in an August blog post that “all eligible devices will receive the free upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022.” Don’t want to wait until next year? Read on to see how Windows 11 Setup Assistant can save you time while installing Windows 11.

If you’re not in a rush, Windows 11 update will roll out to your device over the next few months when data from Microsoft indicates that the upgrade is ready for that device. When the new operating system is released, the upgrade process will look like a normal Windows 10 update, as long as your device is compatible and meets the minimum requirements. (And even if it doesn’t, Microsoft will offer a workaround, but in that case your Windows 11 installation won’t be supported by the company.)

Microsoft began rolling out Windows 11 to qualifying devices last month, with the new operating system launching on October 5. If you have a suitable computer and are using Windows 10, you can update for free, but there are a lot of people still waiting.

Now that the update is being deployed, you can check if it has arrived on your computer by going to “Settings”> “Windows Update”. If you haven’t gotten the upgrade yet and want to see if your machine is rated good enough for Windows 11, you can download Microsoft’s PC Health app (click here), which should tell you if your machine is eligible.

Summary of the news:

  • Stop Anticipating Windows 11. With this solution, you can now download and install the operating system from Microsoft
  • Check out all the news and articles for rumor updates.

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