Rogers will be Microsoft’s Canadian partner on new Teams feature

Rogers and Microsoft have entered into a five-year partnership to help businesses improve their digital experience.

Rogers uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, in combination with its 5G network to fuel innovation, new customer experiences and encourage employee collaboration. It is also the first to offer Operator Connect Mobile in Canada.

The new feature allows a single SIM number to work in Microsoft Teams, which Azure powers. The number can be used to make mobile or computer calls. Users can easily move calls between the two without any interruption.

Rogers says the solution will help businesses reduce the cost of voice services and improve the customer and employee experience.

“Landlines and traditional voice services are rapidly being replaced by mobile – the workplace is changing and our customers have embraced new ways of working,” Ron McKenzie, president of Rogers Business, said in a statement. “Together, we are bringing Operator Connect Mobile to Canada, which will help businesses save up to 50% of their costs by upgrading outdated and expensive voice infrastructure.”

Rogers is the only Canadian company where Operator Connect Mobile is available. BT, Swisscom, Telia and Verizon are the other companies Microsoft works with.

Source: roger

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