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Cell phone tower

I know cell phone towers are a necessary evil even in our amazing town of Loveland, but a 55ft cell phone tower being built in a residential area of ​​the Episcopal Church on Taft Avenue is in the works. going over the line, and we can’t let that happen. Please do not allow these cell towers to come near our residences. They just aren’t safe.

Obviously, we need cell phone towers to give us the coverage we need in Loveland. However, I am concerned when cell phone towers start to take hold in residential areas like the 55 foot tower that is going to be built at the Episcopal Church on Taft Avenue. We need to do the best possible job of maintaining cell phone towers in non-residential areas, and like me, many residents in that area agree with that.

Teach religion

In response to the Reporter-Herald’s call on Monday … regarding religion in schools: He said “teaching religion in schools is like establishing a state religion.” This is not the same as establishing a state religion. Any subject taught in school is intended for learning. Take English or math or whatever, for example. You are taught what is right and wrong, right and wrong. You can choose to believe it or not. Life gets really complicated if you don’t follow what you’ve been taught when, for example, you’re trying to balance your checkbook, apply for a job, or write a resume. … Such is life. You have been taught what is right and wrong, especially in life. You can choose not to believe it and do it your way, but eventually there will be a final test. I wish you good.

Joe manchin

I just want to say thank you, Joe Manchin. I wish more Democrats were like you, to stop this spending barrage. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Joe Manchin.

For the caller who wants… Bennett, Neguse and Hickenlooper all do what Manchin (did): No. We want them to be Democrats. We want them to vote for the Democratic platform to help people. What Joe Manchin is doing is literally playing into the hands of Trump and his supporters. … Manchin is… an undercover Republican claiming to be a Democrat.

Racist country?

Question to Loveland: If it is such a racist country, why do we have to keep inventing racist problems or attacks? And this is also a question for those who have been educated on their intelligence: why can’t you do the math?


Former President Trump really hit the nail on the head when he said there was a lot of misinformation out there. There is more than ever. We cannot believe everything we hear and only half of what we see, and it destroys our country.

Do not wear masks

My heart warmed immensely last weekend seeing all the people of Loveland Kohl’s and King Soopers not wearing masks. It gives me hope for those who are afraid. … If you are afraid, please stay home or in your basement. Leave the rest of us alone to live free. We were born free and we will remain free. Everything has been exaggerated. Frankly, people are fed up.

Spoiled children

The main problem with the United States of America is that they are spoiled rotten kids.

Indians of the country of love

Congratulations to Gary Glover on being chosen for the CHSAA Hall of Fame. However, the newspaper noted that he had coached the Red Wolves. I would like to correct that. He coached the Loveland High School Indians and not the Red Wolves, and I would really like that to be addressed. We were the Indians from Loveland High School when he was a coach and when he was in school. Please make this correction.

Heating replacement?

You guys crack me up. … The sports page from December 22… says CSU is getting ready to hire Banks as the defense coordinator and that he’s going to replace the radiator and that he has a solid background, which you would need if you want to be able to. replace a radiator. As a former campus glass installer, I think you might be able to find someone else who might be able to fix the windows as well. … Merry Christmas, guys.

Paradice Cream

Thanks to the Reporter-Herald for the great article on the new Paradice Cream store. You do a great job educating Loveland about local businesses. Now we need the public to support them. And thank you again.

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