Review: Black Box Emerald SE IP System Delivers Seamless Desktop Experience

Healthcare organizations aim to operate with flexibility, scalability, affordability, and security. Linux operating systems provide an affordable option to run back-end systems securely that only open source architecture offers.

Central to the value Linux provides to healthcare systems are kernel-based virtual machines, which are based on open source virtualization technology built right into Linux. KVMs can transform the Linux operating system into a hypervisor that supports multiple isolated virtual environments called guests or virtual machines, depending on Red Hat. This is particularly useful for the deployment of mobile solutions.

One of the most powerful KVMs is the Black Box Emerald SE DVI KVM over IP system. Measuring 6.2 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches, the Emerald SE provides users with a seamless desktop experience that works from any point on a TCP / IP network.

This allows hardware to exist in a corporate data center or in the cloud, while end users can be located anywhere. This capability also allows administrators to easily deploy Emerald SE over standard corporate networks or WANs.

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Emerald SE provides detail and clarity for medical records

From an operational standpoint, the unit can emulate the exact experience of a desktop PC, even when handling and moving media-rich applications. In testing, everything was fast and responsive, even with video and photo editing and large data transfers, unlike the lagged performance of most Windows thin clients. In almost all cases, the Emerald SE functioned as a local desktop PC.

The Emerald SE offers Full HD DVI-D resolution (up to 1920 x 1200) for incredible detail and clarity, which is essential when viewing medical records.

It can also be plugged into a point-to-point KVM extender over CATx network cables up to 328 feet. And by connecting multiple transmitters and receivers to an Emerald or IP switch, healthcare IT staff can create a matrix that improves configuration function for large hospital facilities.

Nurses benefit from real-time connections to patient monitoring

Emerald SE also simplifies access to physical and virtual servers with high performance connectivity to virtual machines. This provides a universally better experience for all users on a network.

These capabilities make the Emerald SE perfect for hospital functions such as nursing stations. It could easily support near real-time connections to monitoring devices in patient rooms, allowing nurses to check their charges without having to physically enter each room.

The best part of this scenario: Emerald SE allows the entire system to operate over the hospital’s existing IP network, with no connection errors.

Creative health informatics staff could easily find other uses for the Black Box Emerald SE DVI KVM over IP system. Wherever a cheap, secure and flexible PC is needed, the Emerald can be deployed. It could provide all the functionality without the risks and costs associated with a typical computer.


Type: USB Serial Audio KVM Extender
Resolution: Full HD-DVI video, up to 1920×1200
Required IP Bandwidth: Less than 40Mbps for 1080p video
Grab: USB HID, USB 2.0, audio
Interfaces: female DVI-D input (1), RJ-45 network (1), serial – RJ-45 (1), USB 2.0 Type B (1), audio mini jack (2)
Dimensions: 6.2X4.2X1.1 inch

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