Presentation of two new portals, including the first portable version

Today we welcome two new additions to the Portal family of video calling devices: the 10-inch portable Portal Go, priced at $ 199, and our new generation Portal + with 14-inch HD tilting screen priced at $ 349 USD. Portal Go and Portal + will start shipping on October 19; pre-orders are now open on We’re also introducing new features for small businesses with Portal for Business.

Portal Go and the new Portal +

Portal Go brings the best of Portal Smart Camera video calling to a new portable version. It’s designed to let conversations move from room to room, with a built-in handle and long battery life for easy portability. Portal Go includes a 12MP camera with an ultra-wide field of view for immersive video calls. And it doubles as a portable speaker with room-filling sound to enjoy your favorite music all over the house.

Our new 14-inch Portal + also features a 12 MP smart camera with an ultra-wide field of view. Its stereo speakers deliver high fidelity sound for crystal clear sound. With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, Portal provides a dedicated display perfect for business calls, freeing up your computer to take notes, display a presentation, or multitask. And it’s also great for connecting with family and friends when the work day is done.

More than video calls

Although Portal’s main attraction is video calling, there are other features you can enjoy throughout the day. Get in on the beat with the music you love Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more, and enjoy rich, high-fidelity audio on Portal every time you launch your favorite playlist. Portal is also a great digital photo frame. You can view your favorite Facebook and Instagram photos or add images from your phone’s Camera Roll. And with Shared Albums, you can view and share your favorite memories with your friends and family.

Portal means business

With remote working becoming a long-term strategy, distributed teams can benefit from the feeling of being together in the same room. So we’re reinventing the way Portal is used at work, at home and in the office, opening up opportunities for collaboration in the spaces where business takes place.

Starting in December, we’re adding support for Microsoft teams for all Portal touch devices, including Portal Go and Portal +. With a dedicated device for Teams, you’ll have everything you need to keep your work going with features like calendar, contacts, file sharing, and chat. Additionally, Teams integrates Microsoft security with Microsoft Intune application protection.

We also introduce Portal for companies, a new service that enables SMBs to leverage Portal’s video calling and collaboration tools by easily deploying and managing Portal devices. With Portal for Business, SMEs will be able to create and manage Facebook work accounts for their teams. This is a new type of account on Portal and will be available for many Facebook Work products over the coming year. Learn more about Facebook business accounts.

Portal Device Manager enables organizations to manage devices configured by employees with access to Portal for Business. It makes it easy to deploy and manage portal devices with features to control work accounts, manage device settings, view device status, and reboot or factory reset those devices, all remotely. it doesn’t matter where your staff is.

Portal for Business is currently in closed beta in the United States. If you would like to learn more about Portal for Business or participate in our early access program, please visit

Learn more about our most recent Portal features and updates.

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