PowerToys for Windows 10 updated to version .57

Microsoft released a new version .57 update for PowerToys for Windows 10 throughout the day. With this release cycle, Microsoft has focused a lot on balance and improvements. Old challenges have been re-evaluated and fixed. More features and improvements have been included in current PowerToys Run plugins. There is also a new plugin for time and day values/data in PowerToys Run. The PowerToys Run documentation also receives a needed update. The update works on Windows 10 or higher and can now be downloaded from GitHub. Additional data on this update can be found below or from Microsoft.

Download -> Download PowerToys for Windows 10 on GitHub

The .57 variant of PowerToys for Windows 10 is now available for download:

The .57 release includes the following advancements and bug fixes:

  • The v0.57 release cycle was heavily focused on stability and improvements.
  • PowerToys Operate excellent pass. Age-related difficulties were reassessed and resolved.
  • Added extra options and improvements to existing PowerToys Run plugins.
  • New plugin for time and date values/details in PowerToys Operate.
  • The PowerToys Run documentation also finds a needed update.
  • We save svgs as a print type when SVG thumbnails are enabled to appear when searching for artwork or photos in File Explorer.
  • We’ve disabled PDF preview by default, provided its incompatibilities with Outlook, and Edge now also registers to preview PDF data files in Windows 10.
  • From a coding quality perspective, every business now has a dynamic code analyzer.
  • It usually takes a double-click on the tray icon instead of a click to open Settings.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 on GitHub -> Overview

Microsoft PowerToys are a selection of Windows 10 customization resources for power customers that can be used to customize and enhance the Windows 10 user interface to improve productivity. Influenced by the Windows 95-era PowerToys project, this reboot gives power buyers the ability to use the Windows 10 shell much more efficiently and customize it for specific workflows. The hottest version of PowerToys for Windows 10 can be downloaded from GitHub.

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