Piriform releases CCleaner 5.92 with bug fixes

An update with version number 5.92.9652 is available for download from the official CCleaner for Home Windows website. With this update, the developers have extended cleaning for Edge, Firefox, and Chrome and renamed some information to better understand what CCleaner cleans. Additionally, a preview of the new efficiency optimization feature has been made available to a limited number of users for comment. This item hibernates programs when not desired to increase overall process performance. To use the update, get the new model and run the installer. The current edition will be overwritten, so there is no need to uninstall it first. Update with build number 5.92.9652 requires Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and can now be downloaded from the official website. Additional information about this update can be found below or on piriformis.

Download -> Download CCleaner for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

CCleaner for Home windows version 5.92.9652 can now be loaded as follows:

Model 5.92.9652 incorporates the following new features and improvements:

In this release, we’ve extended cleaning for Edge, Firefox, and Chrome and renamed some documents for clarity on what CCleaner cleans. We are also posting a preview of our new Functionality Optimizer attribute to a select variety of CCleaner people for comment. This new feature puts applications to sleep if they are not needed to increase system efficiency.

Develop our cleaning

  • Additional cleanup of bookmark backup in Edge and Firefox
  • We’ve extended our Google Chrome “Temporary Metrics Data Files” policy to include configuration metrics
  • We’ve renamed the “Windows Subsystem Momentary Files” rule to “Use Community Information” to make it clearer that this rule removes historical and statistical data about your network usage.

To help you keep your personal computer in good working order

  • We’ve released a preview of our new Feature Optimizer feature to a small number of people for feedback.
  • This new aspect is not yet suitable for assistive technology innovation buyers, but will be when it is fully introduced.
  • We hope it will be available to everyone soon!

CCleaner for Windows -> Description via Piriform

CCleaner’s standard model frees up disk space, cleans up your tracks on the web, and can help you take care of your computer, which also improves its speed. CCleaner Expert combines all these completely free features with strong automation to keep your personal computer clean, safe and fast.

  • Faster Personal Computer: Over time, unused information and settings accumulate on your laptop, speeding up space on your tricky computer and gradually slowing it down. CCleaner cleans this information and speeds up your laptop or computer in no time.
  • Take a closer look: Advertisers and many websites monitor your online actions using cookies, which are stored on your laptop or computer. CCleaner erases your search history and cookies, trying to keep your search action private.
  • Significantly fewer bugs and crashes – Over time, bugs and corrupted options form in your registry, in addition to crashes. CCleaner’s proprietary registry cleaner cleans up these unwanted details, making your computer more secure.
  • Faster Startup – Multiple packages run silently in the background when you convert on your laptop. CCleaner helps you run or run faster by disabling systems you never need.

via piriformis blog site

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