Pickaxe-wielding suspect was seen smashing windows in his home as baby slept

A California the family are terrified of returning home after a woman wielding a pickaxe was seen smashing their front windows as their newborn baby baby lying behind one of them.

The baby’s grandmother was watching the little one at the time. Her cries can be heard in terrifying surveillance video of the incident.

The suspect returned to the Pasadena home three times during the window-breaking spree. “Any questions, anyone?” I’ll be back. Get out!” she said before walking away.

The eight shattered windows are now boarded up and the family who had just moved into their dream home now say they are too scared to return.

“My wife, my child can’t even come home,” owner Arman Tchoukadarian told Inside Edition. “They are terrified. They don’t want to go home.”

The emotional dad says if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking grandma, the outcome could have been much worse.

“She immediately grabbed the baby and then looking up saw this crazy girl with a huge pickaxe about to swing her again. If she was five seconds later, my daughter would no longer be with us,” Tchoukadarian said.

A photo of the aftermath shows giant shards of glass in the baby’s crib.

The 65-year-old suspect, Beverly Baker, is said to live around the corner. A neighbor told Inside Edition that she appears to have mental health issues and sometimes shouts obscenities at all hours of the day.

After a 30-minute standoff, cops arrested Baker for felony vandalism. Police said the attack appeared to be random and the woman was having some sort of mental health crisis.

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