Peter Krawietz right on January transfer window as Liverpool squad news gives clues to Shrewsbury

Jürgen Klopp was still out with a positive test on Saturday noon, so assistant manager Peter Krawietz addressed the media ahead of Liverpool’s FA Cup third round with Shrewsbury, with an update on the availability of the team among the items on the agenda.

These are the four key sections picked from the open section of the press conference as Klopp was asked about Covid, transfers and more.

Krawietz on which players are available for Sunday’s game …

“I can’t give you exact numbers, but we have a team and we have a team. We will choose a team that can go our way in football: being aggressive, chasing the ball and attacking and playing forward. This is a difficult situation. This is the situation we have to face. We also have to wait for results. We have a returning player on loan and he will probably join the team tomorrow. Joël Matip has resumed training yesterday but we have to see if it’s available or not. “

Leighton Clarkson is the loaner referred to, although Krawietz declined to name him, and he will have a good chance of playing when he returns from Blackburn. Any other case of Covid will make a difference, but it will be a mix of youth and experience that hits the ground running.

On the January transfer window …

“It’s a long-term club decision, but we take the situation (AFCON / Covid) as it is. If there is a need to react in the transfer market, it is of course a club decision. . We have been aware of the CAN situation for some time. Months. “

As Krawietz says, CAN is nothing new, which makes transfer links referring to the tournament clearly absurd. Liverpool have had ample time to prepare for CAN and will not be buying players this month to resolve this issue.

On young players …

“I hope they can’t wait for the game to start and it’s the opposite of being nervous. We’re trying to make them as confident as they should be and it’s not about trying to avoid mistakes. We can’t expect a perfect set tomorrow, but we can expect a perfect reaction. We try to have a good team performance with experienced managers and young players. They will feel the support of our supporters. “

Depending on who is available for the clash, it could be a very young side, or even the first XI. Kaide Gordon is said to be one of the most likely to start the game, although it is possible that he will be absent. we just don’t know at this point.

On this week’s issues …

“It was weird. We had to close the training ground and of course we always tried to play and win our games but the situation got too much to handle. At the same time we tried to come back as quickly under normal circumstances as we could. It was a busy week and the cell phones were glowing! This is the situation and we are looking for solutions.

It has been a difficult week for Liverpool, with disrupted preparation. The impact of Covid on players who have had it will potentially be longer term as well, so they may not be immediately upgraded. The uncertainty is expected to persist for a few weeks.

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