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Bork! Bork! Bork! Some habits are hard to break, and more than one tourist hotspot has a long time to quit Windows XP, as today’s bork-making shows.

After last week’s shame 100 meters from an Emirates cable car crossing the Thames, the latest installment comes from Reg reader Ben who “enjoyed” a trip to Cadbury World (a chocolate-themed attraction) over the weekend with a car full of poppets in tow.

Her description of her visit bears the distinct scent of a one-star TripAdvisor review, but readers will be delighted to learn that an old friend was hiding within the walls of the “Bourneville Experience”.

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After having dodged the nostalgic marketing nuggets of “Advertising Avenue” and managed the expectations of the children by hoping Charlie and the chocolate factory With a trip to the Aztec jungle of Cadbury, Ben wanted to enjoy some time for me and learn more about the development of the village of Bournville.

A noble cause: the village was developed in 1895 to provide good quality housing and environment for Cadbury workers of the day. “The way the village of Bournville was developed and the Quaker-inspired proto-welfare state was something I wanted to know more about,” Ben told us.

Alas, this was not the case. Ben found a model of the village on display with a pair of binoculars similar to those found on boardwalks by the sea. Excited, he scanned the device, perhaps hoping for chocolate augmented reality.

And what did he see? Windows XP. In a perpetual state of disconnection.

Disconnecting from Windows XP

We’re pretty sure the Bournville Village benefactors haven’t factored Microsoft’s operating system into their planning for improving living conditions. Indeed, the presence of Windows XP, now out of support for a few years, is rarely associated with an improvement in quality of life. Unless you’re a criminal looking to wreak havoc with computers.

As to why Windows XP is stuck logging out – who knows? Maybe the hard drive needs a good defragmentation? Maybe an app clings to her nails and won’t let go? Whatever the cause, we should suggest that maybe it is time to move on. After all, “the world’s largest Cadbury Shop” awaits you.

And Ben’s response to finding stuffed XP at the candy store? “I took that as some sign and left.” ®

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