ONLYOFFICE 7.2 released with various new features and improvements

An updated version of ONLYOFFICE is available for download for Windows, macOS and Linux.

ONLYOFFICE 7.2 comes with all the latest online version changesas well as a few “unique features” exclusive to desktop editors, including automatic light/dark mode on Windows and macOS (the feature is present on Linux builds but does not, in my testing, do what it should).

Such as? Well, the new version of Document has ligature bracket in text files; lets you easily insert the current title into a table of contents; and add a new “Titles” panel to the main toolbar (replacing the navigation panel). The conversion of .pdf, .djvu and .xps documents to .docx is also said to have improved.

The Presentation The tool now supports custom path animations, offers advanced settings, is able to play audio and video in slides without requiring VLC, and features advanced “placement” options for images, when selecting an image and choosing “advanced settings”.

New features in Document and Presentation

The Shapes and Spreadsheet apps also receive a series of improvements. The first now offers the possibility to search in integrated forms and new types of fields; the latter lets you change rows and columns for charts, highlight row numbers for filters, and add a new pivot table option to automatically adjust column widths on update .

Other changes benefiting most/all apps include:

  • Warning about running macros when connected to another host
  • Vector printing (if the page does not use a gradient fill)
  • No restriction on minimum window size
  • Toolbar adjustments for small screens
  • New “Contrast Dark” and “System default” themes
  • New interface languages ​​- “Portuguese (Portugal)” and “Armenian”
  • Improved color selection
  • Option to disable alternative menu
  • Rebuilt search function
  • New hotkeys for “Special Paste”
  • New “Cut” and “Select All” buttons in the toolbar
  • Supports images as a bulleted list

This free and open-source office suite is popular with many thanks to a modern user interface and exemplary support for Microsoft Office formats. Anyone looking for a LibreOffice alternative should definitely check it out.

The OnlyOffice team dives into these changes in 20 minutes video on their YouTube channel.

Download OnlyOffice 7.2

ONLYOFFICE is free, open-source software available for Windows, macOS (including Apple silicon systems), and Linux. Hosted and cloud-based versions of the suite are available, as well as paid editions with business-friendly features.

Most of you will want to use the usual desktop editors provided by the ONLYOFFICE team as the traditional .deb installer for Ubuntu, as well as .appimage. OnlyOffice on Flathub Where Snap Store (versions not updated at time of writing).

Thank you Tati

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