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Office 365 is cloud-based online software that has a suite of apps that help stay collaborative and get things done. But a big problem that many of you may have come across is Office 365 not installing. When you try to install Office 365, the process can take almost an hour or an eternity. You are somehow unable to understand why you are having this problem and at some point you also get pissed off. So in this condition what you need to do is stay calm and seriously check your internet connection. If there is a problem with your internet, fix it immediately and then try to install it again. Plus, you can keep reading the post to the end because a productive solution is at your fingertips.


Why is my Office 365 not installing?

The installation of Office 365 depends entirely on the speed of your Internet connection. Yes, it is very obvious that when the internet speed is slow, Office 365 will not install for no reason. However, due to a bad connection, it is also possible that the installation process will take several times. Well if this really happens to you you will get an error message stating:

“Sorry, it looks like you have a slow connection. “

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Don’t be disappointed anymore because the ultimate troubleshooting techniques will help you root out the problem of Office 365 updates not installing. In this article, we’ll walk you through its complete fixing guide. So, read on to learn the ways to sort it from the root.

Methods to fix Office 365 not installing or taking forever

The installation time of the Office 365 program actually depends on the speed of your Internet. If it takes too long, it usually means your internet connection is too slow. Therefore, immediately check your Internet speed to correct the installation of Microsoft Office. Additionally, try the troubleshooting methods below one by one until the Office 365 installation begins. Here are some things you need to implement. Let’s do it!

Method 1: Restart your computer system

It is possible that the installation of Office 365 is finally complete and installed on your Windows 10. So if you are unable to identify it, let’s restart your computer. Now once you have restarted your PC, first check if your Office product is there. Here are some ways to find and open your Office programs directly from the Windows 10 Start menu and taskbar. So if Office 365 doesn’t install on Windows 10, try the following steps:

First, choose the “Start” button on your Windows 10.

Then, in the search box, start typing the name of the applications, like Word, Excel, or any other program.

Now in the search results click on the specific app you want to open.

That’s it! The Office program will be open on your Windows desktop, so you can start your work. But if Office 365 still takes to install, check out the other troubleshooting instructions.

Method 2: use a wired connection

Office 365 is unlikely to install due to a Wi-Fi network connectivity issue. That is why; we suggest you try to connect your computer to the internet through wired ethernet connection. It may help you speed up your internet connection. So after switching your connection from wireless to wired, repeat the installation of Office 365. This time, perhaps, it installs without any interruptions because wired connections are generally much faster than wireless connections. . But, if you haven’t already, take a look at other fixing methods.

Method 3: Use Office Offline Installer

The Office 365 installation process may get stuck or not complete due to proxy, firewall, antivirus, or internet connection issues. They can slow down your connection speed and therefore stop the installation to begin with. So, in order to get rid of Office 365 not installing issue, try to use Office Offline Installer file separately. Subsequently, you can use frequently to install Office 365. However, downloading the installation file still requires high internet connection speed. So, first of all, make sure your system has a strong network connection. Here’s how to download and use the Office installer:

First, browse “com” on any web browser.

Then, sign in to your Office 365 account with the correct sign-in information.

Then go to Install Office> Download and Install> select more options.

After that, check the box next to “Download offline installer”.

And then, select your preferred language in which you want to install Office.

At the end, just tap on the “Download” link.

The offline installer file will begin to download to your computer system. Once the download is successful, follow the following step-by-step guidelines:

Navigate to the Office folder from the virtual drive.

Double-click Setup32.exe (32-bit version of Office) or Setup64.exe (64-bit version of Office) to start the offline installation.

At the end, you will see a “You are ready” message that confirms that Office 365 is installed. You can now access your applications offline.

If you’re still having problematic Office 365 not installing Windows 10 errors, try using the following guided method.

Method 4: Temporarily disable antivirus software

For security reasons, the antivirus software installed on your PC will stop the installation of Office 365. So if you need this installation, first disable the antivirus program not permanently but temporarily. Simply uninstalling the antivirus will also be helpful in troubleshooting Office 365 not installing issues. For relevant information on how to disable your antivirus software, visit your antivirus manufacturer’s website. However, if you are not sure what antivirus software you have, follow the instructions below:

First, place a single click on the Windows “Start” button.

Now select the “Control Panel” option.

Then go to “System and Security” and click “Examine your computer status”.

Now tap on the arrow next to the “Security” option.

You can find information about your antivirus here.

This is how you can turn off your antivirus for the time being. Remember to re-enable it after the Office 365 installation process is complete.

Method 5: Run Online Repair on Windows PC

Open Control Panel on your Windows desktop.

Select the “Programs and Features” option.

Now in the Uninstall or change a program window, select the Office product that you are trying to install.

Click on the “Modify” button and then select “Online Repair”.

Follow the onscreen guided instructions to perform and correct the problem.

If even after running the online repair tool, Office 365 does not install, continue to the next solution procedure.

Method 6: Cancel and reinstall Office 365

Canceling the stuck installation process of Office 365 and reinstalling it with a good internet connection can be effective. Therefore, first remove the installation of Office 365 and then try to install it again. This time, Office 365 software will likely install on your system.

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