New whiteboard for Windows and iOS

This week, Microsoft unveiled its new whiteboard for Windows and iOS, bringing with it a host of new features, improvements and tweaks. The new version is already being rolled out in phases via the App Store’s automatic update service and will be fully available by December via a store update. The new Microsoft Whiteboard was created to provide users with a “single unified user experience for all our customers across all devices, operating systems and platforms and delivers consistent user interface design and user experience across the board“, says Microsoft.

New whiteboard for Windows and iOS

“This update will automatically bring you all the new whiteboard features, ranging from over 40 new designs, shapes and reactions, to improved inking features, and more. To learn all about the new whiteboard features, see our Welcome to the New Whiteboard article from last month. Continuing our goal of making the whiteboard available and accessible to everyone, we now support Microsoft personal accounts in our Android app and on the web in addition to our existing support in Windows and iOS apps. This expands the availability of Whiteboard for everyone on all the devices they use regularly, both at work and at home.

“Quickly provide ideas and inspiration by inserting documents, such as PowerPoint and PDF files to start a brainstorming session. Annotate and iterate with the option to select individual slides or all slides and pages. Use reactions to express your thoughts on the content and add sticky notes to further develop the ideas. Use the document insertion feature for references, prepare a whiteboard before a meeting, or fill out your whiteboard to use as a guideline to spark more ideation and creativity! “

“The images speak a thousand words! Make your whiteboard content eye-catching and visually appealing. Gain attention and save time by inserting multiple images on your whiteboard at once. Iterate and annotate the images further to share your thoughts and express your ideas. “

For more information on the new Whiteboard for Windows and iOS, go to Microsoft’s official website by following the link below.

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