Mobile version of Apex Legends amazing balls

Posted: Date Posted – 12:45 AM, Mon – 11 Jul 22

The unique skills give the game a different flavor as it is unpredictable to a great extent.

By Aditya Deshbandhu

When you think of Apex Legends, you think of a smash hit, such is the legacy of Respawn Entertainment’s 2019 battle royale game. A game that surprised most players in the genre with its skill-based approach to battle royale, Apex Legends has always been a great shooter experience as it hails from the makers of classic shooters like Titanfall 2. two months since the game launched on mobile and I must say that it has been quite impressive despite several other big names in the genre.

In development since its first announcement in 2019, the developers have done everything to recreate the classic formula of Apex Legends as the game not only offers its battle royale maps and its unique legends roster but it also offers the specific skills of the legends on the mobile version.

The unique skills give the game a different flavor as it is very unpredictable. It’s not a game where you can often shoot at a stationary or predictably moving target; here, players are as likely to rain artillery fire on you as they are to disappear manifesting a trampoline out of nowhere.

The unpredictability gives the game a much-needed speed boost, as the game cycles here are much shorter and, in my opinion, much better suited to mobile gaming where players tend to play in smaller time windows .

Apex Legends is a game that has always been great in its early days as the original game also exploded upon release, but the challenge for the developers has always been to maintain interest. In 2019, they struggled with sudden popularity and couldn’t deliver new seasonal content as players quickly lost interest.

So, one of the reasons this review is almost two months late is because I played the game through its first season and have now experienced bits and pieces from the second season. The mobile version has none of the issues of the 2019 version and there is enough to play in terms of rewards and incentives.

The mobile version also has a 6v6 – team deathmatch mode which is a much needed change from the usual battle royale gameplay. However, I found the 6v6 mode a little disappointing as the multiplayer combat in CoD Mobile is much better. This is where the challenge lies for Apex Legends, a game that has garnered ten million downloads in less than two months, how does it retain its players? I think it takes more than unique player skills, as players will likely return to games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, CoD Mobile, and Freefire once the novelty wears off.

A great experience that needs its own unique game mode, Apex Legends is a game you should try if battle royale is your genre of choice.

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