Microsoft’s Surface 2021 event: start time and how to watch

Microsoft is hosting an online hardware event on Wednesday, September 22 at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT, where it is expected to announce redesigned Surface tablets and laptops (and potentially a new phone). The edge will cover all the event announcements and host a world class live blog, and here’s how you can watch with us too.

It’s simple: Microsoft will have a livestream on the events page of its website, and you can also watch it on on Microsoft’s Surface Twitter account. You can follow @verge on Twitter to see the news of the event as it unfolds.

Above the event looms the next version of Windows 11, which will be released on October 5th. While it’s almost a given that everything Microsoft announces at Wednesday’s event will use the new operating system, it will be interesting whether rumors that Microsoft will release a new version of its Surface Pro X-based tablet. on Arm are true. We don’t have a very clear idea of ​​how Windows 11 will tie into Microsoft’s long-standing Arm computing ambitions – and a new computer, perhaps one with a new chip designed by Microsoft, could. be a good time for the company to talk about the future of Windows outside of Intel, AMD, and x86 in general.

Traditional x86 computers are also likely to be featured at the event, with rumors suggesting we’ll see a Surface Pro 8 tablet, a new one. Surface Book Laptop, and an update Surface Go. It’s also possible that we will see a follow-up to Microsoft’s Surface Duo foldable phone.

But, if you listen, Microsoft, I would really like to see a version of the beautiful Ergonomic surface keyboard, this time without a numeric keypad to interfere with the mouse. Your other keyboard, the Sculpt Ergonomic, just isn’t very well built, and I would prefer Bluetooth to a USB dongle.

To see the news as it unfolds Wednesday morning, stay tuned to The edge, and go to Microsoft website to view the feed.

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