Microsoft will finally allow users to sync Windows 10 clipboard with their Android device

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new cloud clipboard that keeps track of what items you’ve copied so that you can reference them in the future or copy and paste multiple items at once. The feature has also allowed users to sync their clipboard with different Windows devices and the company now offers clipboard sync on Android devices.

Recently, Microsoft has updated the SwiftKey Beta application with support for clipboard synchronization. The new update will allow users to sync their Windows 10 and Android clipboards so that copied items are available on all devices. If you are using SwiftKey Beta on Android, you can follow the steps below to enable clipboard sync:

  • Open SwiftKey Beta and go to Rich Entry> Clipboard
  • Activate “Synchronize clipboard history” to synchronize your clipboard with your Windows 10 device
Screenshot of SwiftKey settings
  • On your Windows 10 PC, go to Settings> System> Clipboard
  • Activate “Clipboard history”, “Synchronize between devices” and select “Automatically synchronize the text I copy”
Screenshot of SwiftKey settings

Once done, you should be able to access your clipboard history on all devices. Remember, the cloud clipboard will sync your most recent copied item and keep it for an hour. The feature currently works on SwiftKey Beta version 7.8.5 and higher. Microsoft further notes that the feature will only work with Microsoft account ( or and the user must use Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later. Currently only Android devices are supported and the feature is not available for iOS. Finally, the company noted that the data in the clip is encrypted and will not be associated with the Microsoft account.

Note that Microsoft already allows Samsung Galaxy owners to sync the clipboard via “Link to Windows”. The new SwiftKey update will bring the functionality to all Android devices that support the SwiftKey app. If you are eager to try out the new feature, you can get the SwiftKey Beta app from the Google play store.

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