Microsoft Teams walkie-talkie is coming to Android and iOS

Microsoft Teams has always had a walkie-talkie feature that allows users in the same underlying channels to seamlessly connect through its web app. Now, this update is accessible on Android and iOS devices.

The walkie-talkie function is accessible with Wi-Fi as well as cellular network connectivity. The PTT (push-to-talk) feature landed nearly two years ago for frontline workers on the Teams app to ensure smoother communication during the early ravages of the pandemic. Only users in a particular channel can interact with each other, such as two users on the same team who can have a private chat through Microsoft Teams. Third parties and users can only engage if they have been granted permission or have been added to these channels.

The walkie-talkie feature gives Microsoft an edge over rivals like Slack and Zoom.

Microsoft has partnered with Mobile Zebra to implement this feature. Currently, this feature is not enabled in the app and the average employee cannot do it themselves. To add it, organizations must access the “App Configuration Policy” from the admin center. Once activated, the feature will be available on the app within 48 hours.

This walkie-talkie functionality will also be featured on a wide range of Zebra Mobile devices for enterprise use. The combination of this Teams feature and the PTT button on Zebra devices makes access and connectivity easier for essential workers. Moreover, the Reflexis shift connector will have general availability in Teams from January 2022. This connector will integrate with Reflexis Workforce Scheduler (RWS) and sync in real time for shift assignment and management, which could be useful for employees schedules and subcontractors.

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