Microsoft Teams update rolling out to fix dangerous 911 call bug

We all learned a lot more about how Android makes emergency calls recently when an unhappy customer found out that the Microsoft Teams app was able to trigger a bug in Android that could break 911. It will take a few more. weeks to fix it. to land in Android itself, but a solution from Microsoft’s side has been rolled out. A 911-compatible version of the Microsoft Teams app is being rolled out.

If you’re curious what was wrong with Microsoft Teams in the first place, you can read our summary of the problem, but the simple version is that the app would register itself as able to make calls too many times if you weren’t signed and this could have triggered a very unlikely bug in the Android system itself when choosing a service to use for emergency calls. The problem was not just Microsoft’s fault, but a confluence of bugs between Teams and Android itself.


Back then, Teams customers were advised to keep their app connected or uninstall and reinstall it if they weren’t signed in to temporarily reduce the chances of this happening. Fortunately, they won’t have to do this any longer if they check for app updates soon.

Microsoft has started rolling out version 1416 / of the Teams app. This release fixes the issue of generating too many duplicate PhoneAccounts, and it also calls TelecomManager’s clearPhoneAccounts method on first launch to clear all PhoneAccounts. previously created. This means you don’t need to uninstall and reinstall Teams, just update to the new version! “

According to’s senior technical writer, Mishaal Rahman, Microsoft Teams app version 1416 / contains a fix for the repeated save issue and may clear the list of accidentally saved duplicates. This does not resolve all of the issues discovered, but it should significantly reduce the chances that the issue in Android itself will be triggered until this fix can be rolled out as part of the January security patches.

The update should now be deployed on the Play at the store, but if you can’t see it or can’t install it from this source, then the required version is also available here.

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